You Can Make A Profit While Making A Difference

April 25, 2009

Yesterday’s call with Mark Silver, of Heart of Business, was such a blast! We trust you got a lot out of it too. If you’d like to listen again (or if you simply missed the call), head on over to BlogTalkRadio to listen (or download if you prefer).

We discussed several ways we can all bring our hearts back into our businesses (or, put another way, how we can bring our businesses back into being heart-centered). And naturally, because we’re in the business of helping people create their first web presence, we wanted to talk Mark about his Creating Heart-Centered Websites book, which is a guide to creating web content that speaks your heart’s truth to your site’s visitors.

Mark’s ebook is a beautiful compliment to any small biz owner’s web presence discussing how to talk about your products in a way that brings in real business without sleazy sales tactics, and if you don’t yet have a web presence, I can guide you as you take your first technological steps to set one up (blog or website).

Contact Mark by visiting Heart of Business.

Web Presence Essentials by Mynde MayfieldDiscover what every woman should know about web presencing in this 58-page ebook. The technical stuff broken down in my easy-to-digest heart & soul approach.

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