Which web page design do my visitors like best?

May 22, 2007

Have you ever redesigned your web site’s landing page and then kinda missed the previous version? Or maybe you want to introduce one small change to your primary landing page and understand the impact to page visits or a conversion process, for instance sign-up to your newsletter or blog? This week, I’d like to share with you a technique I’m testing out on my web site called AB testing.

I saw a page design that I really liked and felt did an overall better job at conveying the realm of products/services I am currently offering on my life coaching web site. Yes, it’s true, the biggest thing I push right now to my visitors is signing up for a free study group. Yet I wondered how sign-up might be impacted if I were to implement portions of the new design I liked so much.

The new design is quite a departure from my existing page template. The rule of thumb for designing web pages is not to make your visitors think too much. Give them one simple and easy to understand call-to-action otherwise, you might lose their interest all together (we only have about 2-3 seconds to grab their attention).

So I dug into my technology past to retrieve a poor-man’s version of a simple javascript file in order to conduct an AB test. AB testing suggests that by having two index pages in your live production environment at the same time and then observing your web site page statistics (Google Analytics is free and pretty easy to use), you can learn additional information about the behavior of your visitor’s and what is really perking their interest. I have set up the math component of the javascript file to display the two pages each 50% of the time. I’ll run this test for one week to perhaps one month and see what impact the new design has to visitor paths and my study group sign-up conversion rate.

The good news is, I can easily revert back to my original landing page if the web page statistics suggest the new design is not effective. I have also begun to carve out smaller sections of the new landing page to begin implementing greater use of audio and eventually videos as well as brought greater visibility to MY BLOG! YAY for blogs!

If you are interested in understanding exactly what I’m up to with AB testing or perhaps getting your web support people in contact with me, send me an email at WebStrategies@CognizanceCoaching.com.

Wow, so I’m wondering if one of my niches is Technology? Hmmm… what have you done this week to bring yourself forward out of your technology comfort zone?

With zeal,
Mynde Mayfield

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