I think the modern day Jedi is an agent for love. For creating an impact in our world by being the change.

No, I’m not a total Star Wars geek. I was about 8 years old when the first movie came out. I fell in love with Luke and then Han Solo (because he was the “bad boy” and I’m really attracted to rule-breakers). Leah, though, I saw as a mystical warrior princess. LOVED her! Wanted to be like her.

On my own personal path, I’ve been drawn to figuring things out. Figuring myself out mostly. What made me happy? Why wasn’t I more happy more of the time? What is the source of happiness, contentedness?

And, ironically, I ended up contemplating the idea of fear itself. Mostly because I had read some stuff about fear and love and I knew for sure, I wanted more love. I mean, who doesn’t want more love? Not just romantic love. But a sorta magical love. The kind that creates an entire universe in order to show itself to you.

Focusing on fear (what it looks like and how it shows up in my life) helped me discover areas that could be transformed. Change a fear-based choice or thought into a more powerful one. The power came from using the appearance of fear to shift into a powerful line of questioning. The question themselves always anchored in the idea of love. And having access to more love meant feeling more powerful, intentional, and on purpose in my life.

Having more access to love impacted everything. The outer and then inner. It spilled over into the ideas I held about myself. I was able to accept more of myself, which created a self confidence to follow a dream of being my own boss and being in service to others. So I could do stuff everyday that made a difference.

Love is the Force. Somewhere, I made the jump. And it was natural to step into the context of being Jedi. Or at least, becoming Jedi.

Jedi is an idea that at least two generations in modern history can grab onto and get. It also appeals to both men & women.

Talking about getting my Jedi on is born out of fun & play. Essentials. In my life and coaching practices.

And everyone I work with gets it. And wants it. To be more Jedi in their own life. To be their own Source. More often. To make more of choices, direct more of their thoughts toward knowing and having what they want and taking action from that place.

I think the modern day Jedi is an agent for love. For creating an impact in our world by being the change.

I also like the idea of claiming a part of my self as my own hero. It just works for me.

Since life provides us the playground, we can exercise our free will to choose love or not. And when we practice showing up with more love, especially when it’s the most difficult time to show & be love, that is Jedi.

And it’s the best thing I can think of to do and be. So I can be the change, and help co-create and share a more meaningful life.