Last month, around my birthday, I decided to do this 30 day free coaching thing. A program. An offer.

Because I felt like, the biggest barrier I have to on-boarding my Jedi wanna-be’s is usually money. And not necessarily that you are considering spending it, but who/what you are thinking of spending it on.


“Am I worth this investment?”

I know my light bill is important and the car needs tires, etc. That is money that I understand spending.

However, when it comes to spending it on myself… a whole different set of challenges come up disguised in the form of rationalizations about why you just can’t.

Anyways, I felt like if you had a no-risk way of checking it out (becoming Jedi), you’d personally experience the value and then it would nearly be impossible for you to say No to me.

I mean, you’d discover how rocking it is to be you, getting your Jedi on and that there is no amount of money in the world that is actually worth knowing how to do that.

Right in the midst of creating said “most attractive offer ever” (the 30 day free coaching thing), I got feedback from one of my most favorite Jedi’s (well you are ALL my favorite. I seriously believe the people that say yes to this work rock and are so so brave to want to live a full out fearless life!)

The young Skywalker said “Your coaching rates are too low.”

And I agreed.

So I’m crankin up the awesome (and not necessarily because of Charlie Gilkey, but we will be blaming him for other forth-coming changes very soon!)

Anyways, just trying to be clear and full of heart here.

My coaching rate is going up June 1st.

If you have been thinking about getting with me (or getting with your Jedi), I want to give you the opportunity to purchase some coaching sessions at my current low-low rate of $60. After June 1st, I’m feeling my rate is headed toward the $90 range (not a threat, just some factual information).

If you are ready for more you, Jedi-style, please email me at mynde (at) myndemayfield (dot) com and we’ll get you set up. Even if you plan to start with me, say in July or August… you can lock in a certain number of sessions now and save some dough.

And that’s really it.

And let me just share one more thing… when I pay for it, I end up giving myself more permission to get more out of it. It raises the bar for me. It’s a risk to say Yes to me and say I matter enough to myself to invest in me. And I can feel it (well the pocketbook certainly does, right?) which helps me get more out of any investment, especially investments in myself.