The Redesign Haps

July 21, 2011

Back in June, I announced I had found a new template. One that does what Thesis can do, but with more ease and less technical programming.

I was attracted to the theme’s tagline about a “drag & drop” framework. And I thought, “That sounds like something my web clients might need or find useful.”

So I took the Memorial Day weekend and contemplated the impact of implementing this new template on my own site. I came up with really good reasons for my time spent in contemplation. But underlined deeply in heart and my bottom-line these days for doing A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G…  (mostly without reason) was because… I wanted to. And besides, before I can promise it to you, I had better know what I’m getting into… and if it is and will be easier for you to do your web thing.

And six weeks have come and gone.

And I know you know what I’m talking about here. For we all are experiencing these interesting times together.

… all the great plans we have to do something. And then all the little things we tell our self about why we can’t do it now. When we are fired up about it. I call that following my artist’s lead.

I’ve realized that self-doubt will enter. It will never not enter. At least not from where I’m standing.

For my ability to feel and let more and more good into my life, for me to be in my creative flow, I can meander no more through the valley of the shadow of death.

Going a different way.

Today, I’m going to practice recognizing the doubt, as it arises. I’m going to sit quietly within myself for just a moment of acknowledgment… a peace offering.

Maybe I’ll even have a few very long moments of acknowledgment.

But I’ll begin with just a pause. Come back to the awareness of my breath. Relax just the tiniest bit.  And in it’s presence, I’ll say, “Self-doubt. It’s you.”

No cursing. No blaming or shaming. Just some quiet allowing.

Paused by and with an intention. To be whole. To love my way here. Moment by moment.

And gently remind myself again, whatever the doubtful thought is, all I have to offer happens when I follow follow follow… that call. Where my action is animated from within. Not without. Inspiration.

I won’t know where I’m going. I won’t know exactly where it’ll lead.

But how fun would that be?

For today, I’m choosing to follow being me.

And for today, that looks like starting my redesign, right here. With you.

Sharing with you, my creativity as it reveals itself. Big large moments of imperfection. Using my existing template. Moving forward into what’s next. Which I’m hopeful includes, expansion into a new easeful, drag & drop template later this year.

Welcome to my web world. This is what I do. I’d be so happy if you had a sit & a read & a :)

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