While watching two really great conversations about Fear this morning, Jonathan Fields shared three powerful questions he uses to help him diffuse the debilitating side effects of fear. They were:

  • What if I fail? (telling a new story about a realistic recovery from the failure)
  • What if I do nothing? (often more terrifying than contemplating failure & recovery)
  • What if I succeed? (pivoting into hope, because we cannot really come alive when we act from fear)

And then Chris Guillebeau talked about giving yourself permission, (I refer to this as giving yourself permission amnesia).

And I was inspired to think about the shifts and changes I’ve created in my life since I started practicing re-orienting myself to my fear.

10 Things I Discovered When I Faced My Fear

  • When I faced my deeply held fear that I wasn’t enough, I came out of the closet.
  • When I faced my fear that mistakes mean I suck, I found self-approval.
  • When I faced my fear that I wasn’t smart enough to do my own thing, I became an entrepreneur.
  • When I faced my fear that I’m not supposed to say things that might upset other people, I found my voice.
  • When I faced my fear of others disapproval of my choices/decisions, I discovered I could trust myself & that I actually do know what’s best for me.
  • When I faced my fear of doing it wrong, I discovered there is no wrong.
  • When I faced my fear that shining brightly means I’ll attract something too big for me to handle, I found faith & remembered I am the Light and nothing can change that.
  • When I face my fear of pressing publish, I jump off window-ledges.
  • When I face my fear that the hurt will never stop, I find friends & lovers holding me.
  • When I face my fear that no one really wants what I’m offering (who I am) & decide to show up anyway, I find the perfect RT on Twitter, or email in my inbox, or “I love you” text on my Droid.