So you’ve created (well really, you and I created) this nice new place on the web, that’s all you. Your brilliance. Your thing. For sale. And most likely for free, are your thoughts, expressed in the form of writing.  All hanging out there naked. For other people to read. And sometimes react or respond to (comments, emails).

It can be a lil nerve-wracking. In the beginning. And getting over and around your pressing-publish-button fears can be a very necessary distraction. You’ve got to see if you can do this. If you can bare your soul to win your ultimate freedom… getting paid to do what you love!


Aweber or Feedburner?

September 10, 2010

Writing is easy, when you are open to receiving the prompts given endlessly by life. (This post is inspired by my latest new client from Milan, Italy. Yes, Italy… as in Eat, Pray, Love… and her Italiano accent is delish!)

So, if you are new to my blog, I’ll say again, I help women who are just starting out. You may have a static web presence, or both a static web presence and a blog or maybe you want to add a blog to your static web presence.

Or, maybe after playing around in the micro-bizness entrepreneurial internets, you’ve realized that each and every web presence you create requires time/energy/attention to maintain and grow it so, like me, you’ve combined it all into one place.


WordPress is god. Period.

September 8, 2010

The Best Technology Advice I Have To Offer You

WordPress is god. Period. This could be the end of the post because it is just that short & sweet. But let me just elaborate briefly on why it would be silly to consider using anything other than WordPress for creating and managing your web presence.

You don’t have a ton of money.

You aren’t rich yet! The good news is you can grow your business easily using WordPress meaning start out with one blog post and one page with no way for anyone to pay you (it’s a 20% start) and grow into churning some serious cashola through a highly customized, full-of-automation-and-integration web presence and WordPress will handle it all.


Another Thesis Theme Review

August 18, 2010

What is Thesis?

Thesis is a theme for your self-hosted WordPress website or blog.

the Thesis framework for WordPress

A theme is part of the inner workings of your web presence that introduces flexibility and efficiency when it comes to stylizing your unique web presence. By stylizing, I not only mean the colors, fonts, etc. (referred to as the look & feel) but also how you share information on your website (referred to as Information Architecture).


Hello. It’s me, your optimystical guide to getting technology to work for you.

This is the beginning of something new. Well, if you are an existing webification client of mine, this won’t be that new. But in case you don’t know me very well or what exactly I do to help coaches, healers, writers and really artists of all kinds (each of us is one afterall) get their tech-savvy on, this new thing I’m doing will help.

If you are just starting out on WordPress using the Thesis theme and want to learn how to do that better, so you can expand your web presence as you and your business expand, these little videos I use with my clients might be just the thing for you.


Content: The First Few Words

October 21, 2009

Tech Savvy 101 is a series of posts designed to help demystify some terminology so you can get your brain around what it really takes to start getting your tech savvy on.

Yesterday, I talked about the importance of defining core values early on in the web creation process because it provides an anchor, to help you remember, when things get freaky-deeky. Knowing your own values gives you a rope to hold onto to guide you back to a simpler time… when you were clear about what makes you blissfully happy and why the heck you are doing this in the first place.

This being creating that blog or web site for your business.


“I find myself going back to her insights and observations over and over again.”Leigh Taylor Ellis (astrology)