So many of us woke up this morning to a big surprise… a denial of service attack on Twitter, not to mention various other forms of social media experiencing technical difficulties such as Facebook.

For those of you who aren’t social media mavens, you are likely not to even be reading this. If you are, then you know the heart palpitations you experienced when you realized Twitter was down, and down for some time!

So aside from my own personal processing about what it felt like “not to be connected” to a universe that supports me so much, after Facebook & Twitter finally came back online, I found it curious to see what others were saying about it.

And one more time, one of my most favorite past times and teacher of the mysteries of life provided a point-on explanation of what was happening: Astrology.

Ecliptical Indigestion

So many of you muggles (heheheh) may or may not have been listening when our media reported that, this summer has been quite unusual because we’ve had several eclipses (three to be precise).

On July 7, 2009, we had a Lunar Eclipse. Then on July 22, 2009, a bigger and more prestigious Solar eclipse occurred seen mostly in Eastern part of our planet. And finally, last night, August 5th was yet another Lunar Eclipse.

From an astrological perspective, eclipses herald change. And with so many crammed into a small space of time, it’s time to pull the security bar down and buckle into the roller coaster of life.

Lunar eclipses generally affect women more because the moon is a feminine energy, ruling home & family, the breasts and tummy area. The moon in your natal chart represents how you feel. So you can see why the ancients stamped a Lunar eclipse as dangerous because when it comes to our feelings (and mostly because of the addiction most of our western culture has of trying to put them in tiny little boxes) sudden outbursts, that seem rather reactive, can occur. Lunar eclipses also are more personal where Solar eclipses activate things on a world or government landscape and being masculine energy, effect men more strongly.

So how is Social Media drawn into last night’s eclipse? Well, let’s look at the astrological signs this eclipse occurred in for some enlightenment.

Eclipses generally happen in cycles of three over an 18 month period. Last night’s eclipse was the final eclipse on the Leo/Aquarius axis.

If you know a Leo or have known a Leo, you know they’re motto is “It’s all about me, babe!” Not all Leo’s are like this, but generally speaking, Leo’s rule, period (at least they think so). In a few words, Leo rules personal self-expression. Several other areas fall under its domain too: creativity, children, leisure activities, speculation (like gambling), the stage (actors). Leo rules the house of true love and Leos partake in all the pleasures of life and more so if there is a promise of glorification in it for them!

At the opposite end of the stick or axis is Aquarius, the brotherly-lover. Where Leo is concerned with pomp and pleasure as it relates to themselves (personal self-expression), Aquarius is the sign of the humanitarian and rules all things social. Friends, charity, the future, ideals. Aquarius also rules technology & astrology. It is avante garde in nature and cannot stand conformity of any kind so the unusual lives here also.

post_lunareclipseWith the type of eclipse we had last night, the earth came between the Sun and Moon. Symbolically, this represents an interruption in the energy flowing between the two celestial bodies. On an individual basis, we’ve all been affected by these eclipses and have downloaded new information, so the “time-out” this morning is right in line with every thing receiving a reboot! System down, system back up… but with new installed information.

Here’s what my new information looks and sounds like… continuing to “find my voice” and express it, no matter what others say or think (Leo). Friendships have been radically shifting since Fall of last year (Aquarius). Some old friends (Aquarius) went bye-bye, if only temporarily, so the relationships could be transformed and redefined on my own terms (Leo). Did I mention eclipses often introduce endings/beginnings?

On a more global level… No social media (Aquarius) this morning and a lot of unhappy peeps not able to have their leisure play (Leo)! Since the planet Uranus was also involved in the Lunar eclipse configuration, surprises and interruptions in the status quo. Uranus is often referred to as the great awakener (and is the ruler of Aquarius). So you can interpret change as awakening. And also during full moons, information is brought forward or exposed for what it is.

So as Twitter reveals more details about it’s denial of service attack and we also discover what/why/how it might be related to Facebook and even other social media gateways, it might not be so surprising with the enlightenment Astrology provides.

Also, each individual astrologer understands and deciphers the energies a bit differently. Some with more experience will hone in on the specifics while I hang back, with a huge smile on my face, because I definitely have connected to dots.

Astrology helps me do this all the time. I’m either understanding myself better or how/why I relate to others better. If you’re ready to put your toe in, hit me up! I just love opening the Pandora’s box that is astrology to those who are attracted by it’s mysteries.

As for what’s ahead, well since the new cycle of eclipses is activating Cancer/Capricorn… family/home life vs. public status/career is highlighted for the next 18 months. And the next eclipse happens December 31, 2009 in Cancer which may bring into fullness changes activated last month. Also, as Venus and Mars continue their trek around the solar system, they’ll hit some of these sensitized, activated degrees the eclipses have awakened. Those dates to watch are August 25th and October 15th.

Curious About You & Astrology?

If you’re curious about what astrology has to say about you and your relationships… Hi! I’m Mynde, (a) keeper of the flame.

And for a more in depth dive into eclipses, check out’s great article.

I’d love to hear from you in any fashion if this topic has piqued your curiosity. And, if you’ve noticed Leo (self-expression) or Aquarian (friends, social circles) themes coursing through your life, today or within the last 18 months, chime in with a comment below.