Saturday, May 10, Mykonos

May 12, 2008

On Friday night, Garry (AKA tour guide), invited us along to his favorite beach, Agrari. We accepted since we really had no plans and had not yet decided if we would rent a scooter or “bus it” to a beach. Even though Mykonos is one of the busiest islands, the beach was almost empty (I think there were 2 people sunbathing at the other end of the beach, but we couldn’t tell for sure). We laid on the beach and enjoyed the peace and quiet for a couple of hours. There was one bar/restaurant and the manager, Demetri, is a good friend of Garry’s so he sat around and chatted with us for a while longer. After we got our fill of sun and conversation, we drove back to Mykonos town and went exploring some more. We tried to see the sunset from an area known as “Little Venice”, but there was too much cloud cover and we couldn’t see anything. We did get some nice pictures of the windmills and some more of the town. The long night before in combination with all the sun left us drained so we decided to find our “favorite”, Gyro pita and head back to the room for an early night. I think it was the first time we went to sleep before 10pm…I guess we needed it!

All the island-hopping makes it feel almost like mini-vacations. Just when we start exploring and getting used to what an island has to offer, we get on a ferry and head to the next island. It is definitely a different style of vacation, but we are glad that we choose to “sample” the Greek islands as it has been one amazing adventure!

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