my birthday wish for every one

It’s Easter Sunday. And my 42nd birthday.

I keep smiling at that. Imbuing all sorts of meaning into it.

Today, is my re-birth day. I got up with Jesus, high-fiving me on his way out of this cave I’ve been living in.

Every day is a rebirth for all of us. In every moment lies the opportunity to rethink something and be reborn. To rise from under the albatross, the heaviness in our souls we carry when we’ve forgotten we are nothing less than perfectly whole & complete. Trust the empty dark void that any thought other than this brings; It is your Light.

And eventually, we all rise.

After 42 years, here’s what I know for sure:

  • Focus. It’s life or death. Really. It is.
  • Believe. You are the magic. You make it happen.
  • Let go. And all your dreams will follow.

Samantha James, Rise.