The topic of all time. Yes. Think about it.

I’ve had my share of radio broadcasting experience. Always, someone wants to know about Love. Their love life… or usually, the lack of it. A partner. An intimate compadre. With benefits!!! Because love is mixed up with lust and desire and sexuality too. We want it all. Right? And especially when we don’thave it. We REALLY want it!

Today is the day. We bow down before our idol: a big giant red heart trimmed in lacey doily stuff with a hidden “dark” underneath… sweet & melty.

We shower our beloved in gifts and sweet adornments. Except if you don’t have a sweetie to adore (or receive adoration from). Which makes this a most-loathed-day ever. Where we try and comfort our hearts (which so longingly desire to give/share love with someone) with the idea that WE are our own valentine. Or can be.

Ouch. It never really worked for me either.

Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

The only time you notice it’s not coming back (love) is if you are outside the Vortex depending on it to resource You. ~Abraham

Abraham says that relationships are one of our biggest subjects because it is through relationships we discover who we are.

From the perspective of alignment (or being in the Vortex), relationships teach us about our proximity to our own alignment to Love itself. Real love is not about romantic relationships and all of its idealized components (although those fantasies can really help you tell yourself wonderful new stories and gain you access to your Vortex).

Relationship teaches me about my own tune (ability to be a broadcaster of Love in the universe). It’s about being a Lover. Being the one who adoresinstead of the one who is looking for adoration from another.

This Valentine’s Day

The Valentine you hold and can offer to your world, today & everyday, is your appreciation, love, and adoration.

How you flow it outward into your life is up to you. Who or what you use as an excuse not to flow it, is up to you. Making conditions of satisfaction necessary before you flow the appreciation, is up to you.

Discover a freedom that comes when you figure out that the way you feel is about directing your own focus. Looking for reasons to feel good. Looking for the positive aspects of the one whom you are adoring.

And that by becoming an adorer of all that is, we find alignment to who we really are and influence our world in the most positive way we can.

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