One Little Yes At A Time

November 19, 2008

I‘m procrastinating. I really want to go play on Twitter. You see, my to-do list is quite undone and growing more unruly by the hour.

And I’m really frustrated with technology. I need a place to vent. And say “Grrrrrrrrrrr Technology! It’s sucks not to get it!!! Not to be able to figure it out. To feel stuck, stupid and stumped and just done with it. Ugh!”

Yes. Even for me. I wrestle it—determined—burning up precious brain cells in a relentless pursuit to find the fix. Figure it out.

Until I can’t. And give up.

Frustrated, I take a personal time-out.

Okay. Time to breath. And focus.

My focus is a choice.

When I feel overwhelmed, it’s time to break it down into smaller steps.

When I focus on what’s not working or going well, my body provides feedback to me instantly with uncomfortable feelings like anxiety, worry, procrastination, overwhelm; informing me there is another option.

Putting my focus on what’s well and good in my world is a perfect remedy or enhancer of any occasion.

your focus + a powerful question

  • what would feel better right now?
  • what is working well in my life (yes, any area)
  • have I done anything good or accomplished a related task already today? this week? this month?
  • what would it feel like to know my imminent success is just around this corner
  • Am I willing to follow the good-feeling trail?

One little Yes at a time.

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“I was able to leave behind negative behaviors, become friends with my fear and really go after my dream.”~ Chris Gannuscio (coaching)