O Amazon!

October 14, 2009

I love books.

I love the feel of the book store and even the library (albeit it does feel dustier in a library, even when it’s clean and pristine).

I love the spine-crackling sounds of a brand new book being opened and the wonderful smell of it’s freshly inked pages.

I love the anticipation of finding something to sink my thirsty teeth into.

I love reading
about and looking at the author’s photo (and imagining holding my own published book in my hands).

I love to be teleported
into other worlds; whether they are completely imagined or an inner world being seeded and soon-realized.

I especially love it when I read a book and feel changed. The secret keys, doorways and passages that written words on paper reveal to me.

Here are few that have done just that.

Web Presence Essentials by Mynde MayfieldDiscover what every woman should know about web presencing in this 58-page ebook. The technical stuff broken down in my easy-to-digest heart & soul approach.

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“Mynde combines deep wisdom with sharp wit and intelligence. She is an exceptional listenter with great skill in translating what you said into how she can best help you.”Julie Sanders (coaching)