Note To Self

March 10, 2010

do epic shit, write your heart out, the more you put out the more you get back

Web Presence Essentials by Mynde MayfieldDiscover what every woman should know about web presencing in this 58-page ebook. The technical stuff broken down in my easy-to-digest heart & soul approach.

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  1. Dian Reid says:

    LOVING @MyndeMayfield's Note To Self

  2. Dian Reid says:

    Done! —RT @myndemayfield: hellz yeah u can use it > @CoachDian: LOVING @MyndeMayfield's Note To Self

  3. […] by WP Greet Box WordPress PluginI am inspired by Dian who was inspired by Mynde’s “Note to Self,” as well as this post I wrote almost 3 years […]

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“I was able to leave behind negative behaviors, become friends with my fear and really go after my dream.”~ Chris Gannuscio (coaching)