New Moon. Beginnings. Fresh starts. What a perfect day to write and begin again! After my gut-wrenching last post, I’ve just been taking time with myself and giving myself lots of room. That means whatever I feel, I feel. And trying not to judge any part of it; my feelings, the situation or reactions from others.

Many of us were raised in environments that may have taught us that feeling intensely or feelings we judge as “bad” were not OK. Your intense feelings made others feel uncomfortable. They did not know how to help or support you (or themselves) so instead of allowing you the space to feel your feelings, they may have asked you to shut them down. To put them away, somewhere. And now, we’ve noticed that within ourselves we continually judge some of our feelings as not good, and believe we need to monitor or control them. But I’m only monitoring and controlling myself, not the feeling. I’m reinforcing a now internal message of ‘it’s not OK to have and experience my feelings’ and end up rejecting part of myself in the process.

My feelings ARE me on a lot of levels. If I reject the way I feel, I reject myself. So in getting out of that business, the one where I reject myself and/or blame others for what’s happening in my life, instead I’m making room for how I feel. Making room is the first step in a peace-making process. By choosing to make room for my feelings, I’m making peace with what is, right here and now.

Once we give our feelings space to be acknowledged (especially after living as professional emotional stuffers), we can often feel a tremendous shift in our energy (letting go) and the space for renewal and healing is now open.

New Moon Wishing

Today is a new moon day. At precisely 10:14 p.m Pacific, the moon will arrive to the same degree the Sun occupies making it a new moon day. It’s a day to make a wish for the next 30-day cycle.

As the moon makes her way through each zodiac sign, she will assist us with processing how we feel and work with our feelings while the sign can help us put our focus on specific areas of life and create powerful 30 day intentions.

Lady Luna

But first I want to introduce you to the Moon, through the lens of astrology. Archetypes she represents. Some you may find yourself already familiar with.

First, the moon comes out at night, so she points to things that are private or kept secret, our dreams. She is in charge of our inner emotional lives. How we feel. And even though the moon travels quickly within her domain is beginnings. The past, as in reaching way back through times, to soul beginnings, roots and our family are all found in the container of the Moon.

She’ll spend about two and half days in each sign, rendezvousing with other planets along the way. Sometimes the “meetups” are tense and carry us through uncertain terrain and other times there is a harmonizing quality, cooperation, complimentary exchange and benefit. I like to picture a couple dancing… sometimes it flows and is beautiful, sometimes it’s rough and full of challenges.

One rendezvous the moon can bet on is when she’ll conjunct or come in union with the same sign the Sun is currently transiting, also know as the New Moon.

During a new moon it is a good time to plant new wishes you’d like to see realized by the next new moon, 30 days from now.

Getting Specific

If you are the type that enjoys bringing your awareness to the natural cycles and rhythms of life, say through nature or art, astrology is simply a practice of understanding a quality or essence (contained in each sign) as it unfolds in our time/space reality. A sort of “nature” and also a domain over life that each sign (and it’s ruling Planet) influences significantly. It is here we see recurring patterns of influence, in timing with the rising and setting of the Sun each day as well as all the other planets on their universal journey across the zodiac.

According to one of my all-time, have-on-hand astrology favorites, Jan Spiller talks about the most powerful time to make wishes to harness the power of the planetary cycles in her book New Moon Astrology. Not only can we time when to make our wishes (each new moon) but what to wish for is indicated by the sign the new moon occurs in.

Currently, we are under the influence of Scorpio.

We are purging. And it’s felt very deeply. Because of Scorpio’s probing nature to get to the bottom of things. It is a time of unearthing inner psychological realms and bringing that “Scorpio stuff” forward for purging, the cycle of letting go. It is the cycle of making room. Often something outdated dies so that something new can be reborn. Transformation. It’s very powerful energy.

Taking a closer look at areas of specific focus during this time…

Transformation & Relationships

Partnerships energy continues to be highlighted and will be for the next 2 ½ years with Saturn’s recent shift into Libra. I think many of us are looking to harness beneficial energy and support to assist us where recent changes in our relationships have begun to take place. Or where endings or beginnings may be occurring (death/rebirth). That cycle is naturally supported now.

  • I want right ideas to occur to me relative to mutual empowerment and experience it with others in a way that is healthy & happy for me and my relationships.
  • I want to easily find myself embracing change in the area of relationships.
  • I want a positive transformation to occur in the area of ________.
  • I want to easily find myself forgiving _________ in a way that is empowering for me.
  • I want to easily find myself gaining power by ceasing to blame others for my circumstance.
  • I want positive change to enter my relationship with ___________.
  • I want to easily find myself restoring my relationship with _________ to one of mutual support, understanding, and respect.
  • I want to find myself easily accepting my own emotional depth.
  • I want to easily find myself saying the right words to _______ that create an atmosphere result in a deep emotional connection.

Health Wishing

When we are processing stress and imbalance in our lives, especially a lot of it, our bodies are the first place that really begin to show wear and tear. Plus, supporting your body to live well supports you! That’s why I’m including a basic wish for health and well-being.

If you are a Scorpio than perhaps you’ll find that you’ve been secretly plagued all your life by the areas below. And even if you are not a Scorpio, you may find that right now these areas are currently activated.

Scorpio rules the sexual organs, including other organs of elimination such as bladder, colon, rectum; PMS and menstruation and sexually transmitted disease also fall in Scorpio’s domain.

  • I want a total healing to occur in the area of (insert body region from above).

Scorpio covers resources also. A type of resource where assets are pooled together; legacies, wills, insurances, debt and taxes, financial partnerships, all Scorpio stuff!

  • In my financial negotiations with ______, I want to easily find myself feeling full self-confidence in a positive way.

This sign is also highly sexual and because of its natural ability to go deep, a concept of Soul Mates lives here also.

  • I want to easily find myself getting along with ______, growing our love and bonding every day in a way that is also positive for us as individuals.

Power Struggles

Scorpio also deals with the misuse of power and power struggles. If you currently find yourself in a situation that feels like there are forces beyond your control, sort of fated or destiny-like, you might like to include a wish this month about power and control . Because Scorpio is a fixed sign, its focus is intense and powerful. And if left unchecked, can sometimes lead to brooding and obsessiveness. Scorpio is extremely magnetic and filled with a charisma of mystery making them irresistible to some or frightening for others.

  • I want to easily find myself using my power constructively in all situations.
  • I want the tendency to be absorbed in the force fields of others easily lifted from me.

And if you’ve already found yourself having crossed the line into darker Scorpio regions of feeling obsessed or jealous.

  • I want my (obsession/compulsion) completely lifted from me.
  • I want to easily find myself filled with strength and making changes in my life that are in my overall best interests.

Make A Scorpio New Moon Wish

At this time, you are invited to think about and set an intention for healing in any of the above-areas. It is the goal for this new moon energy cycle.

And if you’re curious about what astrology has to say about you personally or a relationship, I offer some fantastic reports to help you gain and leverage insight provided from the ancient art-science of Astrology.

To supporting yourself with the process of letting go and the promise of new beginnings!