One of my favorite people on the planet… she’s been on my journey with me for almost two years now (I think). She is my partner in wellness. With Lisa, I am free to fall outta my wellness saddle without shame or hesitation even. It’s a very compassionate place to be with your body image stuff.

I’d say my real wellness journey began after meeting her. It’s been a real journey up till now, in and out of the saddle so many times over my life. My lovely Body endures. Stands with me. She feels no shame. She radiates magnificent beauty and health all the time. Under sometimes brutal conditions, she remains true to me.

That is what’s different about my wellness journey. I see myself differently. I am processing less and less through my fear driven filters. And I’m seeing my own beauty, strength and power in more real ways.

I’m so pleased to share my friend and fellow companion on the path who dedicates her life to wellness. Yours and mine. Please meet Ms. Lisa Capehart. xomm.