For the second half of 40 days, I’m shifting gears a little bit. It’s time to introduce what I know I’d like to be doing more of everyday, to support me with the new habit I’m creating for myself. The habit of being addicted to my connection to Source energy, or as Abraham refers to it, the vortex. A vibrational place where everything I’ve ever asked for (not just in this life time) and everything I continue to ask for, awaits for me to align with it.

For the initial segment of 40 days, what I was really going for, was to support myself in feeling the connection to Source. Often. In fact, I can’t remember when I began listening to Esther on YouTube every single morning for 15 minutes, but that was a part of how I started connecting to the knowledge, information, energy, passion… whatever you want to call it… Source energy.

And I told you my particular version of this story about Source energy… starting with what alignment is (being an appreciator), how to appreciate without attaching, playing the game, and that is all leads back to me. Which is to say, knowing who I am, and being deliberate with that knowledge. “Molding the energy that creates worlds.”

And ultimately, I am realizing that learning to appreciate myself, the way that I am appreciated (by a lover, a friend, a parent or my child, and of course the Big One, that which created it all) is of utmost importance. My new addiction.

So, get your journal out. Hopefully, something you love. Because over the last segment of 40 days I’m opening my journal after a video or my morning meditation and I’m going to be practicing building lists.

I’m going back to basics. Some of it familiar, some a bit new. Lists I learned to build back in the beginning. When I took the risk to invest in myself, follow a fearless path, and hire my first life coach.

So some of this will not be new to you. But I expect there to be a few surprises along the way as we incorporate the many invitations we’ve received from Abraham. About how to become an appreciator. About using ease (or the path of least resistance) as our primary emotional escort into the vortex. Using our attention or focus as a resource of empowerment. And learning again, how to be an appreciator of all that is.

I hope you’re out there and along for the ride. It’s really important work we’re all doing, learning how to do this. Waking up to ourselves. And by our example, supporting one another on the path.

Abraham says hope is at the edge of your vortex. Today, get your journal out. And go to hope. Write down a few things you hope for yourself and 2011. What you hope for your physical wellness, what you hope for your financial abundance, what you hope for your most important relationships. It doesn’t have to be a thorough list, avoid making this hard for yourself. Just be easy about it and write them down. These hopes of yours, are the beginning of a new story.

And as we begin practicing being appreciators in the last major segment of 40 days, I’m knowing and eagerly anticipating yours, and my own delight, as the things we hope for begin flowing into our experience, and right before our eyes we realize who we are. Powerful deliberate radiating sources of liquid love.