Attention Frequent Flyers!

Flickr photo by alamosbasementMercury has officially entered it’s regularly scheduled “out of phase” cycle of moondancing backwards in the sky (or at least it looks like that) otherwise known as Mercury Retrograde.

It’s time for re-doing everything and basically no initiating what-so-ever (consider yourself warned) nor barely a hint of forward movement on the irons in your campfire.

I dread Mercury retrograde the most for all its technical snafus and basic overall “STOPNESS” he hurls at my life during this three week period (April 18 thru May 11).

Communications of every kind are subject to general snarlification. Details details details. Watch them. Pay closer than usual attention to them. And watch your backend as unfinished ones will sneak up and bite!

Overall, it’s time to sloooooow waaaaay down. It’s time to for all things “RE.” Reviewing plans, goals & strategies, revamping something outdated, repairing the drippy kitchen faucet, renegotiate boundaries/agreements/contracts (woo hoo!), reorganize the garage, and recognizing the pace has noticeably slowed and requires more patience.

My Mercury retrograde period kicked off in perfect form… with an email from a client who wasn’t able to receive emails from her website because I forgot to map the email account to her gmail (yes, I really am the technical genius here).

Also, when I mapped her email account to her gmail, the domain emails seemed to “disappear” into thin air. Couple of test emails went through beautifully, however the original emails required a restore backup procedure from the helpful folks at GoDaddy (yes, that’s an affiliate link). Their customer service & support is the excellent-ist and main reason I use and recommend them for my domain name management and web hosting.

Thankfully, my client was not mortified and sending me cursing emails. She was happy just to know I was there, in the background, figuring it out for her (these clients I keep forever, just sayin’).

So remember to go a lil easier on yourself for the next three weeks. Give yourself (and others) the benefit of the doubt in all misunderstandings… because there will be LOTS of them.

Relax and focus on closing gaps rather than creating/launching new ventures. Or return to an old plan you’ve wanted to act on but haven’t gotten back to. Now is a great time to tie up loose ends and clear the decks for what’s ahead.

If you’re curious about how this might be affecting you personally, if you bring the birthday info, I’ll bring the optimystical insight.

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Sincerely waiting to see stars for you 😉