Are you confident enough to sign up to be on a Penn & Teller edition of BullShit? Showtime’s series features this comedic couple poking very sharp sticks at things “they don’t believe in” like Astrology. Weeeeeeeeeee!

I do enjoy the show, from time to time, if I want to be convinced to adopt their position on a given subject. And that’s just the problem for me, people convincing me something else is wrong. Especially (albeit not too cleverly) while leaving what’s right about the subject completely out. Hmm. Biased?

I did do a full-on ranty-processing-thingy immediately after the taping which is in the archives at BTR. I can’t even remember what I said really, only that it was probably very revealing in terms of where Mynde is with her own stuff. And today, being six months later or so, I’m in a completely different yet ironically same “place in my process.” (‘Process-talk’ on a coaches blog… bahahaha!)

My Commentary

Overall, I found the episode slanted toward debunking astrology for it’s prognostication or telling-the-future abilities versus looking at astrology as a personality profiling tool. This is the typical approach by most debunkers, to say the least. And this is exactly how and why astrology gets lumped into the rest of the mystical-hippy-gypsy-fortune-telling-charlatans-exist-beware! line of thinking that I call a bad case of the Eeyores!

Charlatans exist everywhere, in every profession. If you are paying someone to tell you what you want, most will not object and take you and your cash obligingly.

Here’s my personal rule of engagement: When I speak to people about their astro stuff, I like to clarify a very important part. The part about looking for answers where they are not… like outside of You; in some astrologer, palm reader, the next great self-help book or the current U.S. president.

So although astrology does indeed offer insight around the timing for certain things to occur, it is not so predictable as to call it destiny since You still have the choice whether or not to watch P&T tell you why it’s stupid or come to your own conclusions based on a personal experience with astrology (aka, free will).

Overall, I think P&T’s warning about using astrology to make all your decisions is exaggerated. And certainly, if your health is involved… “People!… Expand your support system as wide as it will go! Doctors, nutritionists, acupuncturists, herbalists, astrologers, whatever and wherever you feel supported to live a fuller healthier life… do it!”

I study and use the stuff almost daily, but I make my decisions. I know you see the difference because only very smart people read my posts.

Yes, if it’s mercury retrograde, I will consider putting off an electronics purchase or signing on the dotted line but that’s because I’ve learned the hard way… by standing in line at the electronics store to return new purchase or recognizing that the dotted line wasn’t really finalized to begin with creating the need for reviews, updates and another whole new agreement!

The segment on the “experiment” in the Psychology class was great! I enjoyed very much what it revealed about our shared human nature. I think providing the experiment in that format helped to prove P&T’s intention of debunking astrology. Therefore, I am naturally curious to see what would happen if each student’s actual sun, moon & rising sign personality profiles had been given to them and how that would effect the outcome of the results of the first experiment. Would we see human nature doing its thing again? And might those results actually help to fortify astrology and show its efficacy? Curious minds want to know!

Here’s another observation about P&T’s show: When you have no debunking evidence, make it up! P&T aren’t after credibility, obviously. It’s easy to see this vantage point, of understanding that their show isn’t about revealing the truth about anything, it’s purely for entertainment purposes, when they attempted to inject the possibility that Sheldon knew Holly based on info I fed him in private.

Any skeptic of astrology needs far less than that to criticize or find fault in it. But I’ll mention that I don’t need to tell Sheldon anything about anyone because he does most of the telling/talking/bitching&complaining (if you’ve heard us on BTR, ‘nuff said).

So where am I today? Ah well, congratulating myself for being willing and able to make myself available to Penn & Teller’s latest “look at this ass” episode on Bullshit. I knew going into it that this was the point of the show.

So why do it?

I guess because I know astrology is real! I think I did it because I also wanted to see if I believe within myself, that I do not need others to agree with me to make it right for me or true or whatever. Just because Penn & Teller call it bullshit, is it?

The actual practice of doing this is definitely “easier said than done”, but ironically it comes with a nice refreshing after-prize. I am able see and acknowledge a freedom from that old need, to have you agree, or to not risk being made an ass on Showtime. A freedom to know and celebrate what I love which is astrology and helping people feel more empowered in their own lives. A freedom to be even more me: wacky, optimystical Mynde.

I did it to show myself how free I am. And I think knowing what I love and how free I am is much more supportive, expandable perspective than falling into the habit of looking at what’s wrong with what-is. But hey, Showtime isn’t paying me big bucks… yet!

  • What do you love enough to be willing to stand for it even if someone else builds evidence against it or makes you feel like an ass for loving it?
  • And what freedom could you discover that being an ass might just well help you achieve?
  • What would be different about your life if your inner clown was more accessible or available?

I’m off to more ass-making. 🙂