… it is through the clarity of your example…

About ten days ago, I was contacted by this guy. It felt like a kind of random event. I don’t get calls everyday like this call.

He leaves a voicemail saying he’s been inspired to connect with me after a visit to my website (I was very touched by this.)

I return his call, with some mild skepticism but mostly a lot of openness to possibility and some curiosity about what exactly he wanted or needed to speak to me about.

We chat. I “interview” him on the down-low to assure my own sense of safety and get a sense if this guy’s a freak or not. I know, not very Law of Attraction-ey of me (which he later calls me out for in the first 15 minutes of our first face-to-face conversation).

And this guy’s story is pretty wild. Wild enough to share it with you.

He’s living from a backpack. For about the last four years. Before this, he’d created all the trappings modern day offers us as tokens of success… marriage, children, businesses, employees, cars, real estate.

And in a some kind of moment, be it spiritual, religious, whatever… on a beach in Hawaii (all the details really are irrelevant) he received the impulse or inspiration to leave it all behind.

It’s funny because when you meet David, he is very ordinary. He didn’t strike me a super smart or super anything really. Just a guy. Taking a risk. He’s not all high-minded and lofty either. I sensed no victim energy around him at all. I did not feel obligated in anyway… I felt myself at times wanting to engage in old patterns of “taking care” so what I did was offer him what I could, which was a ride home.

The other thing you’ll notice about David, is his need (almost compulsive) to tell stories. His stories. Of what he’s experienced in the four years he’s been living in a backpack.

David will tell you that every single thing he needs is always provided for him. Always. His life is an adventure of watching that unfold every day. When you ask him what his plans are, he doesn’t know. He says his inspiration is his compass.

David wants to meet with me while he’s in Southern California so we make plans. And we eventually do at a Esther Hicks seminar in Los Angeles. He talks my head off. About coaching. About our shared beliefs on what we understand about ourselves and the universe. I never really question how David got there, whether he’s got a ticket. Sometimes, I can be unassuming to a fault. Other’s call this naïve.

Turns out, David has stood outside in the hallway most of the day, peeking in on Esther through cracks in the door, listening. He says to behind-the-scenes workshop staff, “I just know I’m supposed to be here” and everyone completely understands this.

He gets fed lunch and during the very last segment of the day, they tell him he can go in. David is beside himself. He believes he’s manifested all of this.

He sits beside me, practically bouncing with excitement and takes pictures with his iphone and gets a finger waged at him by another participant at the seminar, “You’re not supposed to take pictures!” she says. For some reason, this was very amusing to me that she felt compelled to correct him or make him play by the rules. Abraham would say otherwise, ha!

So David is quite content. Couple people go to the chair and Abraham asks for another question. Hands fly into the air per usual. Esther looks right at me & David. I notice David’s hand high in the air. He hadn’t raised it before that. The girl in front of us began to approach. Esther moved her pointed hand slightly. The girl stops. David says in shock, “ME?!”

Abraham says, “Second row” (my body is tingling even now as I recount this to you, so wonderful).

I say, “Buh bye David!”

David gallops up to the platform (I’m not kidding). With glee. Bouncing. SO excited. Like a contestant on the Price Is Right. He arrives in front of Esther at the platform, hops up and squeezes her, whispering something into her ear. Esther grabs one of her ears and embrace him back, smiling. People in the room are participating, fully engaged.

David sits down in the chair although his butt keeps bouncing up and down in it. He turns and says to the audience, “and I didn’t even buy a ticket!”

There is a beautiful unveiling of the theme of trying versus allowing. Through David’s sharing of a story, Abraham uses it to anchor for us all, that if we cling… if there is ANY clinginess, forcing, pushing, almost a willing something to be, what we want cannot come. It is only through relaxing, a letting go and deep surrender into what is, that our feet land upon the pathway of allowing.

I keep hearing Abraham say to me, personally, now is the time to allow what I’ve created. Now is the time to receive it. Now is the time to be free.