Discover strategies for survival and empowerment
for your cancer journey.

My approach with coaching is around transforming fear into a place of power and to support you to align with your wellness, health & healing.  Using my own unique gifts as a healer, I combine practical spirituality and my life experience to help you live well with cancer or any other serious illness you may be facing.

I’ve just come out of 12 months of intensive treatment for advanced breast cancer—6 rounds of chemo, bi-lateral mastectomy, 33 rounds of radiation, and a second reconstructive surgery which occurred on my 44th birthday. From the experience, I created 12 Principles for Living Well With Cancer. Many of the principles I’ve already written about on my blog—things like Telling A New Story, Using Humor To Heal and Relieving Anxiety with Creativity, Art & Music. I personally believe the type of support this program offers is not currently available in any other support/survivor group meetings, not any I’ve been to and I attend a LOT of support group meetings.

My principles are about helping yourself come to terms with your diagnosis with grace, ride the wild bucking bronco that is cancer recovery in all its phases and ultimately collaborate with the miraculous ways your body already knows about healing itself. Let’s face it—without the support to help you see your journey differently, the anxiety & fear do NOT support the healing process—quite the contrary in fact! Healing is always about acceptance and acceptance doesn’t mean saying “Yay, I have cancer!” it means being able to take a deep breath, and be fully present in your new reality so you can meet what shows up with clarity & grace. And make the best possible choices for your treatment and a plan for what comes after treatment. Acceptance is about saying “Yes to life… even & especially with cancer.”

If you’re interested in truly helping yourself heal, instead of sharing/comparing the same frightening details about the cancer journey over and over again in a support group, I encourage you to set up a 20-minute coaching conversation with me. Paying-it-forward is my mission and I’m ready to help you navigate your journey to Wellness with grace, humor & optimysm.

What it looks like:

  • In-person distance meetings via Skype or telephone, 55-minutes at-a-time.
  • Email availability between sessions.
  • Invitations for real-life application of ideas, concepts & perspectives.
  • Optimysm + Grace + Empowerment + Healing.
  • Pay-What-It’s-Worth Pricing (see below).


For this part of my business, you decide what you pay for my service, based on the value you place on my help and support. I use Pay-What-It’s-Worth or Perceived Value Pricing which means I have no hourly or package rates for life coaching. 

Why Perceived Value Pricing. The value you receive from my coaching may be different than someone else’s perceived value that they receive. So a flat rate coaching fee just hasn’t jived with me for awhile. Nor do I want to introduce discounts or other gimmick-ey stuff into my sales equation. I want to keep it as clear & crisp as possible. As you grow & expand your life, my value to you will also. And I believe you will fairly determine my value, and that you trust I will serve you the best that I can.

Making Payments. Simply use the PayPal donation button at the bottom of the page to make a payment after completing our coaching session. You do not need a PayPal account in order to pay me with credit or debit. Follow the donation link button to make your payment.

Not Sure What to Pay Me? Start with what you value your time at (e.g., what would you charge for an hour of your time?) and work from there.

Make a Payment or Gift A Gift

If you feel moved to send a gift or offering of love & support for the work that I’m doing with you or others, you may do so here by using the Paypal button below.