Jedi Mind Tricks: Look To No Other

April 21, 2010

Jedi: All of your power is Now (right now). Now (right now).

Me: But I have good reason to feel this way… all these blog posts and stuff; I can tell you the story of how horrible it is…

Jedi: You’re right. You should feel bad. But feel bad and then do your best to help yourself feel good. All of your power is Now. Now is your point of attraction.

What would make you feel more comfortable right NOW?

Me: I would feel safer if my boundaries/requests were honored more often. I would feel like engaging and interacting more, if I wasn’t constantly bombarded with sad depressing stories of how bad it all is. It’s a huge Debbie Downer. It sucks me dry. I can’t focus on what’s important to me like creativity, writing, designing. I’m interrupted from doing my job. Even after I ask not to be. I’m interrupted again. And then again.

Jedi: So what would make you more comfortable is if the other would come over to where you are?

Me: Yes.

Jedi: Yes, well, and how’s that working for you? Has the other come to stand with you yet? And be in agreement with you so you can have what you want?

Me: Nice Dr. Phil… no the other obviously hasn’t come yet or we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

Jedi: I see. So I guess the question now is would it be possible for you to be comfortable without the other’s participation?

Me: Hmmmm. I don’t know. I’ve never actually thought of that before.

Jedi: And so how would you begin to feel comfortable even if the other isn’t willing to join you where you are?

Me: I guess by continuing to do what is it is I want to do. Create. Write. Design. Take walks. Eat well. Smile often. Belly Laugh. Dance. Cry. Pet the cat. Make some tea. Do a fire ritual. And eat a little chocolate.

Jedi: Ok, now you’re facing in the right direction. Keep doing that. Face toward what you want, let no thing (or other) distract you.

And when you get interrupted again by the other? What will you do to help yourself feel safe, to help yourself create, write, design?

Me: If I’m interrupted again, I can leave the room. I can take my computer upstairs into my bedroom and work in there.

Jedi: All of your power is Now (right now). Now (right now). Now is your power.

Me: Now is my power.

Jedi: Make up your mind that nothing is more important than directing your thoughts into telling a story that helps you feel good right now. Show yourself how you can put ease into your experience NOW, right now. Now is your point of attraction.

It doesn’t matter what is, what is keeps changing.

Look to no other. Be grateful and amazed that only you are responsible for your well-being.

Me: (grateful, amazed)

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