Step-by-Step instructions with video tutorials start now.

This post covers the process, step-by-step, for updating your current installation of WordPress on your self-hosted blog or website.

1. Make a back-up copy of your entire WordPress blog & database !!!

Performing regular backups of your website is important. Besides making those pesky “nag” bubbles on your WordPress dashboard go away, you are also helping to protect your blog from going poof! But before any major update (others include updating your DIY Themes Thesis template or major look & feel changes), do a thorough back-up. Personally, I also do one before every Mercury Retrograde period as well.

In this short video tutorial, I’m speaking to my client Lee Miller about the steps I take to back-up a website before clicking that “Please update now” link. In the video, I’ll introduce you to:

  • the optional portable hard drive I use to store my back-up data. (You will use your desktop/laptop to store a back-up of your website. I like redundancy so I also keep back-ups on an external hard drive in addition to storing back-ups in files on my own laptop.)
  • the free FTP tool I use called FileZilla which helps you connect to your web host (what is a web host?) & copy all  your files
  • how to use FileZilla to backup Lee’s site, show-and-tell style.

What you’ll need to get started:

  • download FileZilla
  • your web hosting log in & password (FileZilla will save it for you to make back-ups easy in the future)

Watch me talk Lee through the process below. Here’s the full screen version and I’d like to thank Rachael Acklin for her very cool (& free) inspirational desktop wallpapers!

2. Ready to upgrade

Ok, now it’s safe to click that upgrade link. Here’s another show & tell video (full screen version), so you’ll know exactly what to expect when you do it.

All done? That was easy!

Thank you WordPress, for making it easy to maintain a web presence. And if any of it becomes too challenging, check out my affordable WordPress Wellness package. Or if you’re looking for some extra handholding as you practice, the one-on-one WordPress Consulting might be better for you. It’s all here —> WordPress Services.

2 Free WordPress wellness tips for ya

Here’s free and easy. Along with regular manual back-ups, I recommend two plug-ins that will also help safeguard your WordPress blog.

  • WordPress Backup (by BTE) will automatically backup your upload directory (images), current theme directory, and plugins directory to a zip file and email to you.
  • WP-DBManager helps you manage, optimize, backup your WordPress database with automatic scheduling too.