Mercury Rx is our time-out to rest.

We lead very stress-filled, super busy lives, right? Which one of us, voluntarily, is gonna say: “Hey, I’m gonna have a ‘time-out’ for 3 weeks, kick back, relax, and just take it easy and let my poor mind and body rest up from the punishment I give it.” I don’t see any hands raised. That’s right, Mercury Rx is our ‘time out’ from stress and the humdrum orderly life we lead. The phones quiet down, the email demands diminish, the faxes stop making your floor look like white rolls of paper. Your mind goes ‘elsewhere’ and you just wanna daydream, or just stop thinking altogether. It feels good to ‘unplug’ and rest. If you won’t voluntarily do it–it will do it for us to some degree or another.

Calling all Mercury-ruled folk

For Gemini’s (those born May 21-June 20) and Virgo (those born August 23 to September 22) folks, your signs are ruled by Mercury. You are usually strongly affected by these retrogrades–more so than any of the ten other zodiac signs. Life can turn to chaos or shit (depending upon their attitude toward these ‘time-outs’ in their life) or it can mean exquisite relief from all the powerful mental/mind stuff they do constantly 25 hours a day, 8 days a week. Speaking only for myself, I look FORWARD to Mercury Rx because my phone stops ringing, demands of Email, faxes diminish to a huge extent and I get to rest! Boy, do I look forward to these time-outs. And I get to ‘catch-up’ on all the stuff that hasn’t been attended to because of so many phone calls, faxes and Email demands! I love Mercury Rx! I get a 3-week ‘breather’ three times a year and with my mental schedule, if I didn’t have these, I’m sure I’d have permanent brain burn-out!

Virgo’s tend to get more upset over Mercury Rx periods because they’re such picky perfectionists and they really do expect their lives to go like clockwork and God forbid they be late for an appointment–HORRORS!! For them, it’s a major crisis if that occurs. For them, Mercury Rx periods are discombobulating because they can’t be perfect or strive for that near-perfection for 3 weeks, three times a year. If they can ‘get over’ this need to be perfect or always on-time, then it’s not such a stressful period for them.

Tips for working *with* Mercury Retrograde

  1. If, however, you want to finish up on something–Mercury Rx is a wonderful time to wrap up projects, attend to details, and yes, clean up your messy desk, reorganize things, the telephone stops ringing, email flow reduces, faxes are fewer, and generally, a period of quiet so you can “catch up” on a bunch of projects you had started earlier. This is a wonderful time to take something you wanted to do–but just didn’t have the time to complete or finish up–and get it done.
  2. If you have a project that has lain around a long time and you just never got around to it–now’s the time to look at it more closely and decide if its worth your investment in time and energy–if it isn’t, during this time, you’ll more than likely drop it permanently–or get serious about resurrecting it and completing it–successfully!
  3. Lies, deceit, cheating and sneaky actions by others or yourself will come to light during a Mercury Rx period. It’s the the long arm of Karma unveiling such negative things. If you think you duped someone–wait–during this period is when it will come to light and boy, will you be caught red-handed! Or, if someone said something behind your back–it will get back to you during this time frame. Or, if you were in some way cheated, duped or lied to, you will find out about it now.
  4. Your daily routine is no more–so, “go with the flow” and don’t fight it. You’ll be more day-dreamy, more spacy, more….of ‘something’–so just go ‘there.’ This is a great time for “inny” not “outy” experiences. It’s wonderful for doing internal work–either with a therapist, or digging more deeply into your psyche via meditation or other spiritual experiences–and it will produce a lot of ‘aha’s’ during this time frame.
  5. This is a great time for spring-cleaning, even if it’s not spring. Wash the windows! Paint that cabinent! Finish off that project that has been there silently asking for completion. Dust that room! Take down the spider webs! You’ll have the time to do it now and feel good about your accomplishments!