Abraham calls it Lists of Positive Aspects. Making a book, to hold the place where you are telling yourself new stories about how you want it to be. So you can get in line with those stories now.  One bullet-point at a time.

Telling new stories is another kind of process, or skill. It’s hard sometimes though to begin even thinking about the details of what that would be, when you are in the vibrational slumps of slow-your-mojo. What I need to think about to help myself, is no where to be found.

So I make the step smaller. Telling the new story is too big of a jump from where I am… There is an ease and relief in that decision alone.

List building is my smaller step. No matter where I am or what I’m doing, I can make lists. Even standing in line at the store behind the woman writing a check when I’m already late for something important.

I shared the bidnizzy tip of creating a list of positive aspects about your perfect client (and future clients). Here’s another one about using that list once you create it, especially if you are like me and a lot of my clients when we first started out blaaaaaahging or running our own online bizes, you are nervous! And you wonder if you have anything to write about, that is interesting enough to share… and here’s that tip (I made ya wait for it), you can write to that client on the list. Make her your focal point and address the teensiest idea as if you were speaking to her in your office or living room. HUGE help for me and my clients, in the beginning.

But there is something else really important I want to mention. About the idea of training yourself to be looking forward at where you are going. Versus being lost in the here in and now, completely unaware of the vibrational signal you are broadcasting.

Because continuing to look at your here-and-now just keeps more of the here-and-now active and present in your awareness. So the looking-forward thing, the telling-new-stories-about-the-way-I-want-it-to-be thing, starts with identifying smaller aspects or qualities about my life that I want and that would make me feel better about a particular subject or situation. And even better would be to tell a new story that generates feelings of eager anticipation for the thrill of what’s coming next for me!

Life segments as storylines

The Wheel of Life. This is so easy to picture in your head, trust me. Draw a circle, big on the page. Make nice equal segments or spokes on the wheel to make 8 to 10 segments (so 4 or 5 lines, right?)

That’s it. Circle that is now pie  🙂

So I will spit out all the segments for you, to get you started. But first…

What I’d invite you to do, is simply scan the last 24 hours or 7 days and ask yourself what thought you keep thinking over and over. On any subject in your life. What is active right now? Yup, cuz it is. With your constant chronic thinking on it… you’ve activated the shit outta it so it’s a good idea to figure out in which way you’ve activated it (are you worry/fear/doubting or expecting your new story?)

Write the topic of that active chronic thought in one of those wheel segments.

See the truth is, with our untrained attention (and it is), we are pretty much captivated with the one chronic obsessive thought or worry or concern. And it’s our own responsibility to learn about the idea of training our attention. No one else can learn that for us. We must teach it to ourselves.

Writing down the lists of positive aspects and eventually learning to look forward by telling myself a new version of the story, is the training.

  • What major topic am I thinking about chronically? What do those thoughts sound like? Write them down so you can see them. If after reading what you are saying to yourself, you feel good, go directly to GO & COLLECT $200. If not, begin reconstructing your story. What do you want to be feeling? What conditions would need to be present for you to feel that way? And away we go…. (write it all down).
  • Use these other life segments for generating new storylines: Physical Wellbeing/Health, Money, Intimacy/Romance, Friends & Family, Fun & Recreation, Physical Environment, Career/Business.

Build your lists & your new story will come

So start with where you are. Learn to apppreciate the shit outta what you already got and begin conjuring up your make-your-dreams-reality mojo. One bullet-point-at-a-time!