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September 30, 2009

Three critical ingredients go into creating a web page, web site or web presence. No matter where you are on the map… small business owner just starting out or big business generating hundreds of clicks per day, each part is essential and needs to be addressed or there can be no web *anything.*

Ingredient #1: Domain Name

URL. Web address. Domain name. Words we hear nearly every day. But what exactly are they and more importantly, why should you care?

URL stands for “Uniform Resource Locator” and it means the same thing as “Web address.” When you open a browser, like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, and type an address into the address bar, your Web browser will connect to that address and display web pages created by the owner.

The domain name is a specific part of a web address–the part that (often) ends in .com or .org or .net.

Why should you care?
You can’t have a web page, web site or online business without a web address. When you open your web browser, you need an address to type in there so you can actually go somewhere. That’s just the very first part, one essential piece, of creating a web presence.

Choosing a domain name is important when creating your web presence. Why? Your domain name will represent a big part of who you are on the web (referred to as your Brand). It will serve as the very first touch point between you and your customers. If you choose your domain name well, your customers will know how to find you or your product a lot easier!

WordPress.com: The Less Scarifying Place To Begin

If you are just starting out getting your web stakes into the ground, I recommend WordPress.COM because it’s free and easy to use. WordPress.com provides you a domain name (well technically a sub domain) for free so for today, you can stop worrying about how to buy your own domain name and who to buy it from, and get on with putting that cool thing you do out onto the web. WordPress will you give you a sub domain that looks like “http://mydomain.wordpress.com/”.

And if you already have a domain name or don’t really care for how WordPress’ sub domain looks, in a few simple steps, WordPress helps you take an existing domain you’ve purchased and apply it over the top of your WordPress.com sub domain so your place on the web can look more professional.

However, if you want more flexibility and control over extending your web presence and want a custom created design, I recommend WordPress.ORG. WordPress is the god of content management systems and with some basic training, anyone can learn to use it.

7 Tips For Selecting A Domain Name

Since WordPress makes it easy by taking away the how-to-buy-it part and the who-to-buy-it from part, the only part left for you to do is choose yours. Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Keep your domain name short
  • Make it memorable; easy to repeat & hard to misspell
  • Relate it to your core business or business product
  • Use search engine keyword(s), if possible
  • .com is the very best choice, if available
  • Register your personal name (domain names are cheap, so why not?)
  • Avoid hyphenation, if possible

For more in depth information, SEOmoz has a great article.

The second essential ingredient for creating a web presence is this way.

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