Building lists. Makes me wanna yawn. Really? Take what precious time for self that I’m carving out and build lists in a journal? But here’s what I know about myself. If I don’t practice it, it ain’t happenin’.

That’s what got me here, to 40 Days of Alignment. I haven’t been practicing much lately. Writing it down at least. I feel like I’ve gotten pretty good at seeing the good side of it, the half-full side, the silver linings. Optimystical, right?

And it’s true. I know I do have that gift. Of helping others to shift their own vibe so they feel better or expanded.

But I also know, I’ve lost touch with some of it. I say to myself and others, I’m cataloging or filtering things now through a more positive lens… but I’ve noticed particular sorenesses arising. About my value and worth. And I know that means I’ve lost touch with the vibration I build over time, when I keep lists of positive aspects. More specifically, if it’s my worth and value on the radar, it means I get to practice seeing myself as Source sees me…. Or build a daily practice that incorporates a ritual of appreciating my self.

And like Abraham has said in several of these videos, acknowledging myself is one of the most the challenging things for me to do. To stand before a mirror and look into my own eyes and even acknowledge my inner being is in there is, for starters, spooky! And to take an issue head-on means you are focused on the issue. The solution will not be with the problem (or issue). Or near it even.

So, directing focused thoughts away from the issue can introduce a relaxing-into-the-way-things-are kinda of tone (like yesterday’s video suggested “the amount of self love I hold for myself right now is perfect”) we can very quickly find ourselves in the vicinity of, well, not the problem. And maybe not the solution either, but we’ll get access to other resources like relief, hope, inspiration, and creativity… which are ripe and fertile ground for harvesting solutions.

Creating fertile ground, aka “building lists”

So lists it is. I’m going back to lists because it’s easy too. It’s an easy way into feeling good. Instead of doing what my mental self wants to do which is pursue some answer to any current challenging situation. Been buying that t-shirt for years!

Since focusing on me first would be hard, I’m starting positive aspect lists for the things I love. Yes, it’s true. Any feel good counts. Doesn’t really matter where and how you get it. Just get it. So I can ease myself into self acknowledgment by actually looking at something else that helps me be an appreciator and broadcast my song (which is what appreciation is).

In my journal, I’ve started with my morning walk. On another day I listed my pets, and then coffee (morning coffee girl I am). And relationships are always a wonderful topic for making positive aspect lists! Any kind of relationship… a friendship, a lover, parent, child, teacher, our clients…

And if you own a business, and have not sat down to write (appreciate) qualities of your perfect client(s)… guess what? (big goofy grin)

Here’s the one I started this morning, for my perfect people:

  • Patient, kind, honest
  • Integrity or we hold very similar values about life, self and self-awareness
  • Always asking/telling me they are sending me money
  • Creative, trusting, intuitive, listening to their inner being
  • They love figuring it out, connecting the dots, having someone show them how
  • They love celebrating their tech successes with me
  • Always willing to try again
  • They want their web presence so much, we work continuously together until it’s complete
  • They love the new products/services I’m creating to help them
  • The way that I help them is just what they need

In my journal, I’m leaving a few pages between topics so I can keep adding to each list. I’ve been building lists for my “ideal client qualities” ever since I read Attracting Perfect Customers. And what I’ve noticed, is that when new clients show up, my new habit is that I’m always looking to see those qualities in them, and frequently I also discover brand new qualities that I didn’t yet know I wanted. So I tell them, “I’ve just added this quality about you to my list of things I love about my perfect customers!”

So go watch a video and then make a list. Any list. Of the positive qualities on any subject in your life. Or start by making a list of possible subjects for list-making. But pick up your pen and write it down.

This is where we do it. We are getting aliiiiiiiigned 😉