Why begin with core values and not the technology stuff?

Well it’s like this. As you’ve probably heard, content really is king, of all of it. And so very shortly after you start to receive the technology know-howpieces of creating a web presence, you’ll be up against a different kind of question. A few of them in fact. And most of them will stem from:

What do I say (write) here (on this webpage)?

Simple enough question. Not so much with the answer.  This is… an inside job.

All the BEST help I’ve ever received from my own teachers, coaches, mentors was about content. It may not have always been web content. It was usually the content of me. And how I define that. And being clear about what I do and how I help people. And shifting my perspectives around so I could see more of a situation, more possibilities. Like what it looks and feels like from my client’s point of view.

I start with values because it helped me with purpose. All of these types of questions sort of connect back to understanding your purpose. And if you’re thinking about creating your first web presence or doing better with the one you have, you get to answer the purpose question for those too.

The Million Dollar Self-Development Question

But purpose is like… c’mon … a very big word. And like, it’s got to be the million dollar self-development question ever, right?!

What is my purpose?  Is usually right in front of us. Something too small and insignificant to allow yourself to recognize as adding real value to someone else’s life… (especially not our right people) because it’s not big enough. It’s not Save-The-MuthaF’n-World, make-Mother-Theresa-weep and Gandhi-roll-over bigenough.

And I didn’t really realize it until I did some work on myself. I discovered the content of me. I discovered what I value, what truly makes my heart sing and my skin sizzle & juices me up.


Somewhere between no-and-some idea what my mission is & tons of personal development work, this book called Attracting Perfect Customers found me reading a chapter called Be On Purpose To Your Mission. Shit! What is my mission?

As I read the chapter and deliberately choose to let go of what didn’t make sense… Anxiety about not knowing more than I did/do… Or thinking I should be doing better or as well as someone else. Instead I gave myself permission to go with what did make sense… and invest in my right now so I can get to where I’m going.

And I found my core values. The things I know I need for sure, or it just ain’t worth it.

And once I had my core values, I had a clarity. To help me with the next business (or personal) question (because we know it’s all mixed together anyway).

And once I had my core values, I knew what passion felt like. Because I was there… in it. I had to find it to get in it. This was big.

And with clarity & passion, I had purpose. It wasn’t this big thing. And didn’t need to be. Because for now, it is the reason I get up every morning (which is an empowering change all by itself).

So this is why I start with values. Defining my values brought me back to me so I could understand what I need from any situation. And even when I don’t know what I need at the moment, I can look to one of my values for inspiration.

A guide for me when I can’t necessarily see the next step. Or just need to find my center again.

Knowing my core values always lets me know if I’m living my definition of personal integrity. And if my business is close to that definition, it’s where the authenticity and aliveness lives.

Core Values. Know Yours?

Knowing your core values helps you build a strong content foundation and combines with your new web skills on your online journey.

I help women create and be in charge of their own web presence (which could be a website OR a blog, whatever you want).

Together, we crank up the fun and wonder (two of my own core values) to uncover a place on the web for you and your goodness. A place that is your business. Your very own web presence.

This post is a taste of some of the stuff I cover when we work together. And, it’s also in my new ebook. Along with a lot of other new material about leadership and building your online business.