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Web Presence Essentials 2010

December 9, 2009

A Web Presence. A container for something good, something that is yours. It might be the great food that you cook, or beautiful art that you create or a book that you’re writing. A Web Presence is a smart thing to consider in today’s business economy. In fact, some might say it’s essential.

I’ve taken my Tech Savvy 101 series that talks about the ingredients for creating a web page, web site or web presence; and brought them together to create Web Presence Essentials. A guide to help you through a sometimes intimidating and usually confusing, technology decision-making process. Especially if actually taking the steps to create a web presence is still kinda new for you.


I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a while. For a long while actually. But holding back for various reasons, a multitude of them. I seem to have an endless supply of reasons “not to” as well as a very bad habit of holding back which I’m working on.

I’ve been really wanting to talk about some very personal stuff. To tell “my part” of a certain story. And since I’m a coach and all that, the first thing I like to do is check my intention. Why do I want to tell the story? Is it really for me or do I secretly have some other agenda… like to make someone pay or eat shit (which is totally not my style) or for some other low-lying fear-based reason.


Content: The First Few Words

October 21, 2009

Tech Savvy 101 is a series of posts designed to help demystify some terminology so you can get your brain around what it really takes to start getting your tech savvy on.

Yesterday, I talked about the importance of defining core values early on in the web creation process because it provides an anchor, to help you remember, when things get freaky-deeky. Knowing your own values gives you a rope to hold onto to guide you back to a simpler time… when you were clear about what makes you blissfully happy and why the heck you are doing this in the first place.

This being creating that blog or web site for your business.


Why begin with core values and not the technology stuff?

Well it’s like this. As you’ve probably heard, content really is king, of all of it. And so very shortly after you start to receive the technology know-how pieces of creating a web presence, you’ll be up against a different kind of question. A few of them in fact. And most of them will stem from:

What do I say (write) here (on this webpage)?

Simple enough question. Not so much with the answer.  This is… an inside job.


Permission To Write

October 9, 2009

Or How To Scare Yourself Write to The Edge

I’ve noticed this thing, it’s in me and a lot of the wonderfully creative ambitious women I talk to everyday, this idea that we need permission.

Permission to be ourselves. Permission to follow our hearts & dreams. Permission to receive and allow in the giving from others. And when it comes to your technology and getting your blog on, spattering your web pages with words, with the juice of your heart and giving yourself permission to write. Permission to call yourself a writer.


Creating Content

October 2, 2009

Continuing from my last post, I’ve been talking about the three critical ingredients that are needed to create a web page, web site or web presence. No matter where you are on the map… small business owner just starting out or big business generating hundreds of clicks per day, each part is essential and needs to be addressed or there can be no web *anything.*

Ingredient #3: Creating Content

In all my years of creating e-commerce web sites for big corporatey places, the number one overlooked issue and where time was consistently underestimated was developing content.


Beautiful Friday

September 4, 2009

It’s a beautiful Friday morning which means another week has passsed and I realize I haven’t written anything (for my blog) and that I actually miss what writing brings to me.

I keep thinking I’d like to adopt some ritual, like Havi’s Friday Chicken, to help me mold and shape and anchor a new pattern of writing regularly deeply into my life. Because I know writing is good for me.

Many things seem to bump up against it loudly. “Me! Here… over here. Pay attention to this!”


I’m afraid to write. I’m afraid to be me. I’m afraid to say what I really think… or you’ll go run and hide. All the little thoughts that boil up when I get ready to do something important.

Me and my random thoughts. Yet how random are they?

When I stop and look and listen, I see the thread of fear running through all of it.

A fear of being wrong. Wrong-shaped. Wrong smarts. Wrong for the job. Wrong for success.

Wrong for you. Whoever you might be in this moment.

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