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mar·quee [mahr-kee –noun

  1. a tall rooflike projection above a theater entrance, usually containing the name of a currently featured play or film and its stars.

I’ve noticed that many more women are showing up asking for a very specific requirement for their web presence. They want a marquee style header.

At first, I thought this would be the exception. And it was, for a little while.

Most of my previous clients are coaches. Early on, I had one ‘typical’ artist show up and say yes to me and my way of webifying. And after analysis of what she was presenting to the world, and upon my recommendation to her, we designed her web presence using a different WordPress theme than is my usual standard. And Thesis is a standard in today’s web presencing universe.

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Go ahead, BE A FOOL! Expansion is worth it :)

It can be a scary word or an exciting word, when you’re a web presencer like me.

I’ve had clients joke around about it immediately after launch. I’ve had clients seriously reconsider everything right at or just before launch (fear rears it’s ugly head in the form of self-doubt). And, in many more situations, I’ve had clients who feel in desperate need of a redesign because their existing web space feels terribly incongruent for who’ve they become today.

That is why this word, redesign, is both scary and exciting. Scary at the thought of “starting over again” and exciting because renewal has energy. An energy that can help propel us to the next place we want to go.


I was talking with a client yesterday. She was freaking out. Which happens during the webification process. Six Ways To Staying Optimystical…” was born in a client freak out moment. Danielle LaPorte may have mid-wived it, but the essence of it was drawn from past experience and many moments of messiness.

During moments like the one my client was having and really throughout the entire webification process, I find myself referring all of us back for a review often. The rules for optimystical web presencing can be applied generously throughout your webification adventure and really to everything else in your life and biz.


Help! My Paypal Buttons Are Fat & Ugly

Ok, this is one of the most frequently asked “help” questions I get from clients. For some reason, the base code of the Thesis theme effects how your Paypal buttons display on your web pages.

I say “some” reason, because the developers of the Thesis theme I’m sure have some logical reason behind it. But for where you need to go, this isn’t important.

For this trick, you’ll simply be doing some cutting and pasting (like many other tasks that have to do with making your web presence go, right?)


Business & Alignment

March 7, 2011

A lot shifts, when you begin focusing on your alignment.

Most times, those shifts are not the ones I expect. Or daydream of. They’re usually beyond what I could imagine dreaming on my own.

My 40-day-alignment series has concluded. I challenged myself to show up more. Here on my blog. To write and share more. I guess to show up more in my life really… when I even thought to choose Alignment as my word for 2011.

40-Days was me, on a major run at getting in alignment. Making it my #1 priority. The best I could. Over “approximately” 40-days-or-so.

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@CoachLeeMiller from, a client and member of The Video Library, asks…

“Mynde, how do I get my new Aweber list to auto-publish my blog posts?”

First off, Lee gets an A. She got her Aweber on all by herself and created the list and also installed the web form herself to her WordPress blog. Lee, you rock honey! All 63 years of glorious brilliance that is you… here’s to the tech-savviness you do have inside you! xomm.

And the video tutorial… is yours for a week. Before I migrate it over to  The Video Library. Get it while it’s hot. Next week, it’ll cost ya!


Gmail. It’s the email system I use and recommend.

With so many good reasons… like its ability to receive email from other accounts from around the web (up to five). So you can see everything, in one email interface.

Gmail Labs offers users experimental features that aren’t quite ready for primetime. You should also be warned that an enabled Lab can change, break, or disappear at any time.

Here are 7 Gmail Labs I recommend enabling immediately after setting up your first Gmail account.

For your Inbox

Refresh POP accounts – Remember the idea about corralling your emails into one location that I mentioned above? This Lab will fetch messages from your POP accounts on demand by using the refresh link on top of the inbox.


You know what an extension is… you might not think you know, but you do.

A browser extension is a way of extending the functionality of your web browser by downloading a special tool that helps make your digital life a bit easier (yay, easy!)

These handy-dandies below are a few that I just cannot live without. They get Easy awards. And my appreciation and thanks so that more easy flows my way!

Xmarks – Sync and backup your browser bookmarks

I use bookmarks incessantly for ease in my digital life. The two biggest ways Xmarks has helped me in the past is when I got a new computer and when I switched the primary browser I use.


A couple of weeks ago, I finally installed an Aweber form on my website. I’ve been using Feedburner to deliver my posts by email since I launched msquared in the summer of 2009.

Basically, Feedburner is perfect when you are just starting out. And, it’s free. It helps you start building your own list by offering your web visitors a way to receive your blog posts by email.


How To Update WordPress

December 8, 2010

Step-by-Step instructions with video tutorials start now.

This post covers the process, step-by-step, for updating your current installation of WordPress on your self-hosted blog or website.

1. Make a back-up copy of your entire WordPress blog & database !!!

Performing regular backups of your website is important. Besides making those pesky “nag” bubbles on your WordPress dashboard go away, you are also helping to protect your blog from going poof! But before any major update (others include updating your DIY Themes Thesis template or major look & feel changes), do a thorough back-up. Personally, I also do one before every Mercury Retrograde period as well.

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@myndemayfield you rock!!! Love your improvements to my site already. Your work is quick, painless, smart, and affordable. Thank you!”~ Judy Kinney, (web)