Law of Attraction

One of my favorite people on the planet… she’s been on my journey with me for almost two years now (I think). She is my partner in wellness. With Lisa, I am free to fall outta my wellness saddle without shame or hesitation even. It’s a very compassionate place to be with your body image stuff.

I’d say my real wellness journey began after meeting her. It’s been a real journey up till now, in and out of the saddle so many times over my life. My lovely Body endures. Stands with me. She feels no shame. She radiates magnificent beauty and health all the time. Under sometimes brutal conditions, she remains true to me.

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Little Wonders

February 16, 2011


When you feel awesome, milk it. Line up all the blessings you can and count each little wonder tenderly!

When you feel awful, acknowledge it. When you feel like you have nothing else, if you look, Gratitude is still here. Helping you to remember, every “right here and now” becomes a “that was then.”

Go to gratitude. Any way, shape or form of it. Just find a way to get there.

Take a walk and look for things to appreciate (it’s what saved me from a window ledge once). Look for something in your life you love that you already have. Go back in time to a memory that brought you amazing joy and re-experience it again.


Abraham calls it Lists of Positive Aspects. Making a book, to hold the place where you are telling yourself new stories about how you want it to be. So you can get in line with those stories now.  One bullet-point at a time.

Telling new stories is another kind of process, or skill. It’s hard sometimes though to begin even thinking about the details of what that would be, when you are in the vibrational slumps of slow-your-mojo. What I need to think about to help myself, is no where to be found.

So I make the step smaller. Telling the new story is too big of a jump from where I am… There is an ease and relief in that decision alone.


I have an everyday religion that works for me. Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. ~Lucille Ball

This is a letter that I recently wrote to a friend. I could have just as easily written this note to myself, or to you for that matter…..So, go ahead. Pretend that I wrote this letter to you.

My Dearest old long time friend,

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I thought today would be a great time to write you an old fashioned letter to tell you how much I love you. Aren’t I such a romantic, writing and sending you a snail mail letter! Who does that any more? Ha! Who knows what romantic juices this note might inspire within you!


Relationships & Alignment

February 14, 2011

The topic of all time. Yes. Think about it.

I’ve had my share of radio broadcasting experience. Always, someone wants to know about Love. Their love life… or usually, the lack of it. A partner. An intimate compadre. With benefits!!! Because love is mixed up with lust and desire and sexuality too. We want it all. Right? And especially when we don’t have it. We REALLY want it!

Today is the day. We bow down before our idol: a big giant red heart trimmed in lacey doily stuff with a hidden “dark” underneath… sweet & melty.


Reveling in your life experience…

  1. The Vortex (alignment) is a reality.
  2. I have easy access to it.
  3. I’m practicing my way, all day, everyday.

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Thank you @JessRS for your video suggestion/contribution :)


Wellness & Alignment

February 5, 2011

In the book Money & The Law of Attraction, I was surprised to discover that money was not the primary focus on the book.

There are really three sections: one reviews principles of Law of Attraction (pivoting & positive aspects), another section on money (obviously), and the last and largest section of the book is about health & wellness.

Why would health & wellness be put before the topics of money/abundance or even the all time favorite for most of us, relationships and love?

Here’s the nugget I got. A teeny piece of clarity that I took action on. It didn’t feel full of effort either, the decision to do something. It felt more like inspiration.

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Building lists. Makes me wanna yawn. Really? Take what precious time for self that I’m carving out and build lists in a journal? But here’s what I know about myself. If I don’t practice it, it ain’t happenin’.

That’s what got me here, to 40 Days of Alignment. I haven’t been practicing much lately. Writing it down at least. I feel like I’ve gotten pretty good at seeing the good side of it, the half-full side, the silver linings. Optimystical, right?

And it’s true. I know I do have that gift. Of helping others to shift their own vibe so they feel better or expanded.

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My New Addiction

February 2, 2011

For the second half of 40 days, I’m shifting gears a little bit. It’s time to introduce what I know I’d like to be doing more of everyday, to support me with the new habit I’m creating for myself. The habit of being addicted to my connection to Source energy, or as Abraham refers to it, the vortex. A vibrational place where everything I’ve ever asked for (not just in this life time) and everything I continue to ask for, awaits for me to align with it.


Living The Law Of Attraction

January 31, 2011

… it is through the clarity of your example…

About ten days ago, I was contacted by this guy. It felt like a kind of random event. I don’t get calls everyday like this call.

He leaves a voicemail saying he’s been inspired to connect with me after a visit to my website (I was very touched by this.)

I return his call, with some mild skepticism but mostly a lot of openness to possibility and some curiosity about what exactly he wanted or needed to speak to me about.


“I ended up knowing who I am and understanding that I was meant to be here; that I have a purpose.”~ Vince Voong (coaching)