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April 23, 2010

Update: (May 1, 2010) I may be offering another free coaching opportunity as soon as June 1st. You can subscribe to stay tuned. :)

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So Charlie has been talking some super great points on pricing. I’ll probably end up re-reading all his pricing posts, hoping a little more sticks the second time through!

I’m not sure how this idea will line up with his ideas about pricing. The giving-it-away-for-free part. And the whole pricing placebo thing.

A sweet spot of perception we’re aiming for that helps the buyer feel like they got a good deal and also impact their pocketbook in a way that inspires them to decide to do it.


Coach Lee asked me last week, “Was that real time Mynde? When you wrote the post about jumping out of 5-story windows. Had you processed anything or were you writing that “in real time?”

“Oh it was real time honey. No filtering. No processing. No nothing. This is where I am,” I said.

Looking back at it now, I didn’t realize how perfect that was. To just decide to surrender to the moment. And write it all down.

Such beauty and perfection. My definition of perfection being the divine mystery, the unknowable. Faith in the working of things toward the expansion of life. To create. To move out and beyond, into the unknown. With a joyful heart. Remembering I can choose not to abandon my freedom to bondage, with just a single thought. Or vice versa.

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FEEL no matter how painful it is, for numbing is the opposite of living. v @gassho #Pamir

Earlier this week, I found myself in a 5-story window, ready to jump (it’s a metaphor, just so we’re clear here).

I had decided to write about that and pressed publish. Again.

Most of the time, I talk about the anxiety and fear that comes up when I do that. How my self-doubting voices surround me and try to coax me out of a perceived risk I’m considering. It’s always risky to share more of who I am, what is actually taking place in my life right now. It feels silly. Shallow. Too self-focused. Uninteresting.


Something shifted almost immediately after pressing publish on my last post. I talk about pressing publish all the time. Which, unless you blog, you may not understand. But it’s similar to the window ledge. Pressing publish and jumping.

When I press publish, there is a sense of empowerment that happens. Sort of like saying “I choose.” And over the last two days, I’ve been choosing to step out of the window and down from the ledge.

I thought about writing it down, so I could remember how to do it next time. Because I’m learning, there is usually always a next time. Otherwise it wouldn’t be called practice. There will be another window ledge moment.

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I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a while. For a long while actually. But holding back for various reasons, a multitude of them. I seem to have an endless supply of reasons “not to” as well as a very bad habit of holding back which I’m working on.

I’ve been really wanting to talk about some very personal stuff. To tell “my part” of a certain story. And since I’m a coach and all that, the first thing I like to do is check my intention. Why do I want to tell the story? Is it really for me or do I secretly have some other agenda… like to make someone pay or eat shit (which is totally not my style) or for some other low-lying fear-based reason.


Ever since I started coaching on the subject of fear, I’ve been challenged to succinctly identify the reasons behind why someone chooses to explore fear.

I’ve told my own story, to help illustrate how I came to want to master fear in my life. And I’ve done the reflection of asking myself and my clients (the brave souls who did find resonation with what I’ve said about fear thus far).

The biggest common denominator with many of them (myself included) was that before I found a pathway through the proverbial fear wilderness, I had a suspicion that fear was behind a lot of the stuff I did, that I didn’t want to do anymore.

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“Mynde not only helped me figure out what all my “sortas” really meant, but she used her magical design wand & infinite wise woman smarts to make it happen! Not sorta. It really happened! I love that girl!”~ Mary Suma, JustGoodCopy.com (web)