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At the end of 2011, when my watchwords (creativity, honesty & soulful purpose) for 2012 appeared, I had no idea just how much they’d become companions for my journey through Cancerville.

Even though Fall has officially begun, I want to talk about how I spent my summer, and how creativity has shown up as part of my journey to wellness.

Most of the other people I’ve met in Cancerville have a challenging time with the notion of giving grace in the face of this difficult diagnosis; referring to cancer as a beast which conjures up ideas of noble fights and merciless warriors focused on destruction of the enemy. Destruction, enemies, fighting… do not feel or sound like Love to me, but fear.


Full Moon Indian Guide

The moon was so bright, that it backlit the trees. And of course, as I played in MagicHour last night, trying to get a nice enhancement of the clouds and got ready to post to Instagram (the flare was not produced by a filter), I noticed the face in the tree (check around 2 o’clock if the moon was the center of the dials).


So, yeah… cancer. My life has changed in so many ways. Duh, right!? I’ve received an outpouring of L.O.V.E. Some shock, disbelief, denial even (as-in no response whatsoever from people you thought might say something).

I choose, Life is busy, for all of us.

I choose, This is hard & difficult news about someone you love & we each have different skills & tools (& timelines) for processing the information.

I choose, To see innocence. And not to judge. Because I am certain I am loved.

Hopefully since my last post though, you’ve been thinking about hugs since


Hug My Cancer

May 16, 2012

How do you write about life-changing moments? Like… where do you start? Those biiiiigg stories. That feel like you have to reach far back in time to the beginning, instead of simply saying, this is what it is.

Stories. Our stories. The ones that happened to us. The ones that are happening now. The ones we wish & hope for which I call dreams… stories literally shape our lives. In every way.

I’ve been learning a lot about personal storytelling. And Love.

My personal story got a re-write Friday, May 4th. I have cancer. And what I know is one of the most amazing stories of my life is unfolding.


Creative Rev

January 11, 2012

When you’re an artist, noticing & nurturing your creativity is vital. I’ve
discovered it helps me feel whole. Especially the more forms of creative
medium I engage with.

Because art invokes feelings & emotions, it’s heart-based. At least for me. Which is a beautiful compliment to the heady-stuff I get into being a web designer & technology integration specialist & astrologer.

Next week, I start an online photography class. I’m already getting revved up. Last weekend, I think I shot some my best photos yet (see my website footer for a peek or connect with me on Flickr.) I want to tell you why they were some of my best and to do that, I need to be really super candid.

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Wordle: Create Art Online

December 13, 2011

mynde mayfield wordpress web design for women

Take a break & create.

Meet WordleUsing words from a website URL, blog or RSS feed; create your own custom “word clouds”. The more times a particular word is used, the bigger it becomes. Word Clouds can be tweaked according to your preferences using different fonts, layouts, and color schemes. Word Cloud images are yours to use however you like. Post them to your WordPress blog or Tumblr, print them out for a vision board, or save them in the Wordle gallery to share with your friends.

Take breaks to be creative. It frees you up for what’s next.


For The Artist In You

June 23, 2011

Abraham & The Artists

“This is becoming a world (and more of you are beginning to feel it) where the niche-ness of You; the niche markets, the niche hobbies, the niche interests… this is the time for them!” ~Abraham

At the Abraham-Hicks workshop I attended in early March, the same one where I was called up to the hotseat, something interesting about the other “hotseaters” I noticed was how many of them were also artists.

A painter. A musician. And a writer.

Each of their questions asking for clarification on how to best support themselves in their creative processes and what to do with their resistance.


“Ridiculously #grateful to the Universe for sending me @myndemayfield and her Fearless Living coaching chops. Rockin’ the wheel of freedom!”Alana Sheeren (coaching)