Choices & Intersections

November 21, 2009

I’ve been thinking about relationships lately. Relationships as intersections. And people and destiny. And all that fated stuff.

And how, in the intersections, we get connected.  What is the magic that is that connection? For two people. Connections like the ones with our children, our lovers, our clients and our teachers (the ones helping us continue to expand and experience more).

And I’ve been thinking about powerful people. And when a particular intersection feels destined or fated. And what it’s like to have big things rattling you and disintegrating your attention. And it more than rattles your attention, it wakes you up! From a dream where you might not have thought you were even sleeping.

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New Moon Wishing

November 16, 2009

New Moon. Beginnings. Fresh starts. What a perfect day to write and begin again! After my gut-wrenching last post, I’ve just been taking time with myself and giving myself lots of room. That means whatever I feel, I feel. And trying not to judge any part of it; my feelings, the situation or reactions from others.


A Time For Letting Go

November 4, 2009

I’ve noticed recently in my life and the lives of several clients, a recurrence of the theme of resisting feeling the uncomfortable stuff. For myself, the yearly passage of the Sun through the sign of Scorpio (end of October and most of November) often stirs a great depth and intensity of emotions that usually lie very low throughout the year. I often forget they are there.

Yet one of Scorpio’s primary functions is to bring forward what lay at the depth of us. And because it is a water sign, emotions are linked into this transformative process of death and renewal, reflected by the falling leaves that were only a few short months ago, thriving and nourishing its life support system. Now they surrender themselves, falling away from that comfortable place of attachment, to be crumbled to bits or strewn and scattered like ash in the wind.


Social Media Takes A Dive

August 6, 2009

So many of us woke up this morning to a big surprise… a denial of service attack on Twitter, not to mention various other forms of social media experiencing technical difficulties such as Facebook.

For those of you who aren’t social media mavens, you are likely not to even be reading this. If you are, then you know the heart palpitations you experienced when you realized Twitter was down, and down for some time!

So aside from my own personal processing about what it felt like “not to be connected” to a universe that supports me so much, after Facebook & Twitter finally came back online, I found it curious to see what others were saying about it.

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To Be A Warrior

July 30, 2009

To create change on this beautiful planet of ours nothing will happen unless we change our idea of what it is to be a warrior. ~ @DelphicWave

Yesterday, I had a conversation with one of my favorite real-life warriors, Charlie Gilkey. Besides fighting for our American freedoms abroad, he’s a coach. And a friend.

I can always count on Charlie to help me with my own stucknesses, even when I’m not sure I AM stuck. Yesterday was different because I knew I was stuck and just sitting in it. I guess in a way, I was choosing to be with my stuckness and when he began poking at it softly, I wasn’t budging.

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Are you confident enough to sign up to be on a Penn & Teller edition of BullShit? Showtime’s series features this comedic couple poking very sharp sticks at things “they don’t believe in” like Astrology. Weeeeeeeeeee!

I do enjoy the show, from time to time, if I want to be convinced to adopt their position on a given subject. And that’s just the problem for me, people convincing me something else is wrong. Especially (albeit not too cleverly) while leaving what’s right about the subject completely out. Hmm. Biased?


If you’ve ever read your newspaper horoscope, you know what I’m talking about. General and vague.

This is because the paper is covering one part of who you are in Astrology (and it’s Western Astrology, the type with circle charts. Vedic Astrology has square charts). I am not an expert in all kinds of Astrology. Western Astrology pretty much keeps me busy. I’m also not an expert even in Western Astrology. I find it a fascinating study in human dynamics. So did Carl Jung and Albert Einstein.

I think it’s also worth mentioning how far back Astrology goes in history. Again, I’m not a huge history buff, but the stuff is found in many of our ancient civilizations.


Retrograde means “backwards movement.”

The Earth has an orbit around the Sun. So does Mercury. Because it is the closest planet to the Sun, it’s orbit is much shorter/smaller compared to the Earth’s orbit.

About three (sometimes four) times each year, Mercury, goes whizzing by Earth.

To an observer standing on Mars, Earth appears to be moving ‘backward’. Mercury is surging ahead and Earth is left behind. This is ‘retrograde motion’.


Mercury is the ruler of communication.

Here’s a list of some of the things you can expect during Mercury Retrograde. Keep in mind that they won’t all happen to you! Just one or two, usually.

Some may be more strongly affected. An astrologer (me) can help you determine this. For example, if the transiting retrograde Mercury visits with any of your inner birth planets, then your life is going to be strongly affected by that retrograde!

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Mercury Rx is our time-out to rest.

We lead very stress-filled, super busy lives, right? Which one of us, voluntarily, is gonna say: “Hey, I’m gonna have a ‘time-out’ for 3 weeks, kick back, relax, and just take it easy and let my poor mind and body rest up from the punishment I give it.” I don’t see any hands raised. That’s right, Mercury Rx is our ‘time out’ from stress and the humdrum orderly life we lead. The phones quiet down, the email demands diminish, the faxes stop making your floor look like white rolls of paper. Your mind goes ‘elsewhere’ and you just wanna daydream, or just stop thinking altogether. It feels good to ‘unplug’ and rest. If you won’t voluntarily do it–it will do it for us to some degree or another.


“I was able to leave behind negative behaviors, become friends with my fear and really go after my dream.”~ Chris Gannuscio (coaching)