Full Moon Indian Guide

The moon was so bright, that it backlit the trees. And of course, as I played in MagicHour last night, trying to get a nice enhancement of the clouds and got ready to post to Instagram (the flare was not produced by a filter), I noticed the face in the tree (check around 2 o’clock if the moon was the center of the dials).


Life is a-bloom since our new zodiac year began at the Spring Equinox, (or Ostara from the old calendar) and today, is the celebration called Beltane—meaning bel-fire—ushering in the light half of the year, a time of fertility and abundance.

Beltane or May Day, the beginning of summer.

This celebration is opposite Samhain (Halloween, or the beginning of winter) and draws a line down the center of our great wheel of life—separating it into two halves—light and dark.  Two hemispheres. Equal. Balanced. Reciprocating in ways that create & expand time & space as we understand it.

The Celtic Wheel of Life


Eternal Flame

February 1, 2012

In ancient times, when the Greeks traveled abroad, they had a ritual or practice of bringing a portion of their home fire with them as a blessing. A reminder of the linkage to the past and their homeland.

Consider our modern times ritual of Opening Ceremonies during the Olympics where this tradition remains alive today, the torch our eternal symbol.

This firey ritual also found its way into women’s lives—as the virgin bride left her mother’s home to be wed—she brought with her a sacred flame from her mother’s hearth.

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When to expect communication, commerce and your normal day-to-day grind to breakdown and/or come to a screeching halt.

Mercury Retrograde 2012

BeginsEndsShadow Ends
March 12, 2012
6 Aries 49
3:49 am EDT
12:49 am PDT
April 5, 2012
23 Pisces 51
6:11am EDT
3:11 am PDT
April 23, 2012
July 14, 2012
12 Leo 32
10:16 pm EDT
7:16 pm PDT
August 7-8, 2012
1 Leo 26
1:40 am EDT
10:40 pm PDT
August 21, 2012


A Universal Time Out

November 23, 2011

Beginning today, Mercury, the ruler of communication, commerce and basically your normal day-to-day activities, will appear to begin moving backward in the sky, continuing to do so until December 13th.

It is the universe’s “time-out” for all of us. Hall passes do not exist here.

Except if you were born when Mercury was retrograde. Then this “curse” becomes a keen superpower from practicing living and operating as-if Mercury was retrograde throughout your entire lifetime, rendering one immune to Mercury’s influences during its retrograde cycles.

Mercury retrogrades for three-week durations (really 5 ½ weeks if you count the Shadow Period). This happens at least three times and sometimes up to four times, each and every year.


Staking Your Claim

April 5, 2011

Astrology is really about timing. And studying cycles of time.

Last week was one of the most challenging weeks I can remember since my Saturn Return in 1998. And it’s basically a preview, which kinda stinks. But the good news is, that even with the most challenging transits, there is always an invitation.

On June 2, 1998, when Saturn tightly conjunct my natal Saturn by exact degree, I was fired from a job. Yeah, me! (That’ll be funny, if you know me well.)


Dates to watch in 2011

When to expect communication, commerce and your normal day-to-day grind to breakdown and/or come to  a screeching halt.

Mercury Retrograde 2011

BeginsEndsShadow Ends
March 30, 2011
24 Aries 21
4:48 pm EDT
1:48 pm PDT
April 23, 2011
12 Aries 54
6:04 am EDT
3:04 am PDT
May 11, 2011
August 2, 2011
1Virgo 12
11:50 pm EDT
8:50 pm PDT
August 26, 2011
18 Leo 42
6:03 pm EDT
3:03 pm PDT
September 10, 2011


Shadow Ends
April 17
12:37 Taurus
9:06 pm PT (4/17)
May 11
2:40 Taurus
3:37 pm PT
August 20
19:03 Virgo
12:59 pm PT
September 12
5:23 Virgo
4:09 pm PT
December 10
5:56 Capricorn
4:04 am PT
December 29-30
09:37 Sagittarius
11:21 pm PT

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2010’s First New Moon

January 14, 2010

If you’ve been feeling like 2010 hasn’t really gotten started yet, you are not alone. Green lights and gates fly open in a big way today (11:11pm Pacific). Lots of planetary action in an already active environment. I’m pretty sure everyone’s been feeling it.

It’s Saturn’s time. Winter. Capricorn. And it is Twenty Ten’s first new moon. And not just any new moon. A new moon solar eclipse.

Why We Plan, Strategize and Set Goals in December/January

One word, Saturn. He gets a bad rap (not as bad as Scorpio does). Saturn is known for implementing structure, rules and responsibilities. Burdens and blockages and pushing boulders uphill (that does sound like it’s full of suck doesn’t it?)

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