Do you know how long the diagnosis process is? It’s long & hard. The not-knowing part is hard on you & your loved ones. And Western Medicine, in all of its wonderful technological advancement, is super thorough.

It’s been six-ish long weeks since I received my initial diagnosis. Really, the very beginning of a process that is requiring patience, letting go & trust.

For the last six weeks or so, I’ve followed cancer. Sometimes because I had to (which is really a choice).

Somewhere after letting go and letting go even more again… you just keep letting go. And surrendering.

After surrender, I began seeing so many things happening in the midst of this terrifying situation. Things I felt I had nothing to do with organizing or orchestrating. Things that I could clearly see & understand were for me.

And so then I became curious. Like Alice in Wonderland. Except I‘m Mynde in Cancerville.

I really want to be telling you more of this story. I imagine myself writing tiny little posts about what I consider nothing. Or trivial. But that’s me worrying about what you’ll think about it. And what you’ll label it and me. Blah bluh blah blaah pfft!

And I don’t want to push. Anything. I’m following. Not fighting, defending, or hiding. Not proclaiming war on anything. Making peace with every moment. Each step on my journey through Cancerville.

And like Alice, I will meet so many new people. People I’m destined to know, connect with; offerings of love, compassion and support. Joining together in faith & hope. Trusting & knowing with certainty our broader destiny. Toward living the rest of our humanly years healthfully, in complete wholeness and utterly transformed by the journey itself.

Are you a journey-er like me?

Of course! You may not have destinations through Cancerville (or maybe you do?)—and we can still make it all into a Wonderland—as we go, if we choose. I’m living what I’m teaching and if you’re ready for a different perspective or to see anything in your life with a twist that brings peace, I’m available for coaching sessions.