How To Handle Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Rx is our time-out to rest.

We lead very stress-filled, super busy lives, right? Which one of us, voluntarily, is gonna say: “Hey, I’m gonna have a ‘time-out’ for 3 weeks, kick back, relax, and just take it easy and let my poor mind and body rest up from the punishment I give it.” I don’t see any hands raised. That’s right, Mercury Rx is our ‘time out’ from stress and the humdrum orderly life we lead. The phones quiet down, the email demands diminish, the faxes stop making your floor look like white rolls of paper. Your mind goes ‘elsewhere’ and you just wanna daydream, or just stop thinking altogether. It feels good to ‘unplug’ and rest. If you won’t voluntarily do it–it will do it for us to some degree or another.

Calling all Mercury-ruled folk

For Gemini’s (those born May 21-June 20) and Virgo (those born August 23 to September 22) folks, your signs are ruled by Mercury. You are usually strongly affected by these retrogrades–more so than any of the ten other zodiac signs. Life can turn to chaos or shit (depending upon their attitude toward these ‘time-outs’ in their life) or it can mean exquisite relief from all the powerful mental/mind stuff they do constantly 25 hours a day, 8 days a week. Speaking only for myself, I look FORWARD to Mercury Rx because my phone stops ringing, demands of Email, faxes diminish to a huge extent and I get to rest! Boy, do I look forward to these time-outs. And I get to ‘catch-up’ on all the stuff that hasn’t been attended to because of so many phone calls, faxes and Email demands! I love Mercury Rx! I get a 3-week ‘breather’ three times a year and with my mental schedule, if I didn’t have these, I’m sure I’d have permanent brain burn-out!

Virgo’s tend to get more upset over Mercury Rx periods because they’re such picky perfectionists and they really do expect their lives to go like clockwork and God forbid they be late for an appointment–HORRORS!! For them, it’s a major crisis if that occurs. For them, Mercury Rx periods are discombobulating because they can’t be perfect or strive for that near-perfection for 3 weeks, three times a year. If they can ‘get over’ this need to be perfect or always on-time, then it’s not such a stressful period for them.

Tips for working *with* Mercury Retrograde

  1. If, however, you want to finish up on something–Mercury Rx is a wonderful time to wrap up projects, attend to details, and yes, clean up your messy desk, reorganize things, the telephone stops ringing, email flow reduces, faxes are fewer, and generally, a period of quiet so you can “catch up” on a bunch of projects you had started earlier. This is a wonderful time to take something you wanted to do–but just didn’t have the time to complete or finish up–and get it done.
  2. If you have a project that has lain around a long time and you just never got around to it–now’s the time to look at it more closely and decide if its worth your investment in time and energy–if it isn’t, during this time, you’ll more than likely drop it permanently–or get serious about resurrecting it and completing it–successfully!
  3. Lies, deceit, cheating and sneaky actions by others or yourself will come to light during a Mercury Rx period. It’s the the long arm of Karma unveiling such negative things. If you think you duped someone–wait–during this period is when it will come to light and boy, will you be caught red-handed! Or, if someone said something behind your back–it will get back to you during this time frame. Or, if you were in some way cheated, duped or lied to, you will find out about it now.
  4. Your daily routine is no more–so, “go with the flow” and don’t fight it. You’ll be more day-dreamy, more spacy, more….of ‘something’–so just go ‘there.’ This is a great time for “inny” not “outy” experiences. It’s wonderful for doing internal work–either with a therapist, or digging more deeply into your psyche via meditation or other spiritual experiences–and it will produce a lot of ‘aha’s’ during this time frame.
  5. This is a great time for spring-cleaning, even if it’s not spring. Wash the windows! Paint that cabinent! Finish off that project that has been there silently asking for completion. Dust that room! Take down the spider webs! You’ll have the time to do it now and feel good about your accomplishments!

What To Expect During Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is the ruler of communication.

Here’s a list of some of the things you can expect during Mercury Retrograde. Keep in mind that they won’t all happen to you! Just one or two, usually.

Some may be more strongly affected. An astrologer (me) can help you determine this. For example, if the transiting retrograde Mercury visits with any of your inner birth planets, then your life is going to be strongly affected by that retrograde!

  1. Expect indecision on your part–or the part of others. People who usually are cut/dried and make decisions quickly and cleanly, will muddle around, hesitate, won’t be sure. If they do make a decision during a Mercury Retrograde (Rx) transit–whatever they decided to do will CHANGE. It will NOT remain as the person decided at all. You think men and women can’t communicate with each other now, wait until the Mercury Rx period hits. One is speaking Chinese and the other, French!! Partners have to really work at saying what they really mean because assumptions abound during this time and worse, what you say is heard differently than how you meant it!!!! Watch for big-time communications snafus–they will complicate your life on a personal and professional level. Nothing is immune from our foot-in-mouth disease as in a Mercury Rx period!!!
  2. Don’t EVER sign a contract, agree to something, buy a car/boat/house/animal or start up a new project under a Mercury Rx!!THAT is a prescription for disaster! The contract won’t be honored. The car you bought will turn out to be a lemon!! The boat will have problems, structural or otherwise. The house you bought will be a “money pit” and the owner did not reveal all the problems the house had–but you inherited them!! The animal you bought (dog/cat/horse or whatever) will turn out to have some real ‘hidden’ problems that you could not see upon first perusal or inspection. They usually aren’t happy things you find out–for example, I bought a St. Bernard puppy under a Mercury Rx (and I knew better!) and I directly asked the breeder: Does this dog or his parents or anybody in his pedigree have hip dysplasia? The owner said no. Six months later, the puppy couldn’t move because his hip dysplasia was so severe! The breeder lied to me. Projects begun during this time (baaaaadddd choice) will inevitably develop differently than agreed-upon or expected. The only way you can avoid disappointment about it is to expect the project will change!! And if you aren’t prepared for those little surprises, then don’t start something new during this time frame. Just wait….. be patient.
  3. Do NOT buy any mechanical things, appliances, computers, software or anything else like that during this period–they will not work right! You may have to get another to replace it (providing its under warranty–and IF you have to buy something like a refrigerator, stove, radio or whatever, make SURE that warranty is in force because 9 times out of 10, you’re gonna be glad you have it because you’ll be using it.) Hold off until Mercury goes ‘direct’ to buy anything new. I might add that this is a time when mechanical failures happen. DISK CRASHES are commonplace and I strongly recommend to Netters to back up the stuff on their hard disk BEFORE a Mercury Rx transit occurs–do it at least a week in advance. Believe me, you will thank me for this little piece of advice over and over again–because crashes are common. Another Net problem is that the Net will slow down, be sluggish, blocked or break down. There are more telephone lines cut and dug up during this transit than you have fingers and toes to count on! Telephones/telephone lines/cables/electrical cables are all affected badly by Mercury Rx. SAVE your stuff you’re working on every 5 minutes during a Mercury Rx or you’ll lose it–believe me!
  4. Try not to travel long-distance during a Mercury Rx because Mercury is the ruler of travel by any conveyance. There will be delays, equipment (like a plane or car) will break down during this period. Travel will try your patience during this period–so be smart and don’t travel to save yourself a lot of hectic, stressful times/moments. Equipment failure is at its peak during this transit. ANY type of equipment–not just computers. It can be that your trash compactor explodes on you. Your knife sharpener quits working. Your telephone goes on the fritz. Your fax dies on you and you gotta replace it. VCRs start acting up. You name the communications device or travel device (cars/planes/boats) and it will fail.
  5. Mercury rules our thinking processes. Believe me, folks, we aren’t thinking clearly or as coherently as we’d like to think we are during a Mercury Rx! We become forgetful. Yesterday, we knew that person’s name, and today….well….pfffftttttt….out the window it goes and you can’t recall that person’s name for love nor money! Or you get lost in traffic, lost in a shopping center, you can’t remember where you put something. Things get LOST and MISPLACED big time. You won’t find it until after Mercury goes direct or you won’t find it until the next Mercury Retrograde period!!! Our orderly thinking dissolves. Our minds may race. Insomnia may affect a few.
  6. Delays–on everything! You’re late for an appointment. Or, they lost your appointment! The company promised it would be there on a certain day–wrooonnnnggggg! Under a Mercury Rx, it can get lost (permanently or temporarily) and it will never arrive on time! No one shows up at the right time. So forget it, let the punctual schedule go and just sit back and relax. You’ll never be on time–there can be an unexpected delay on the freeway/turnkpike, or the other person is delayed. The appointment will never occur on time during a Mercury Rx.
  7. Your mind is somewhere else rather on the nuts and bolts of everyday life/demands/things you gotta do. Where it’s gone is still a mystery. We just know you aren’t functioning like you normally do :-). It requires a lot more energy and intense concentration to do your daily job right (and not lose or misplace things) during this 3 week period. Pay attention! Don’t be driving and have your mind go ‘elsewhere’ because you’re an accident waiting to happen. About 5 days before Mercury goes retrograde–be especially watchful and more alert about your own driving–and drive very defensively–because other drivers who aren’t in touch with what is happening in the heavens are already spacy and somewhere else and they are NOT paying full attention to their driving. The day that Mercury goes retrograde is the most dangerous of all for driving a car. PLEASE, pay attention!!! I usually opt NOT to be driving anywhere on that day–I stay home and clean up a bunch of unfinished projects instead.

What the Heck is Mercury Retrograde?

Retrograde means “backwards movement.”

The Earth has an orbit around the Sun. So does Mercury. Because it is the closest planet to the Sun, it’s orbit is much shorter/smaller compared to the Earth’s orbit.

About three (sometimes four) times each year, Mercury, goes whizzing by Earth.

To an observer standing on Mars, Earth appears to be moving ‘backward’. Mercury is surging ahead and Earth is left behind. This is ‘retrograde motion’.

Consider this idea to understand retrograde motion further.

When riding in a motor boat, the engines are in ‘forward’ position zooming you around. When you put the engines in reverse to ‘back up’ the boat, you can observe turbulence beneath the surface of water as the propellers switch direction. This is ‘retrograde’ motion. All the turbulence, frothing, bubbling and boiling as the water (which was flowing nice and smooth in one direction) suddenly switches to reverse motion.

Take Mercury and Earth in the same analogy: Mercury is the speedboat. Earth is the water in which it floats. As Mercury ‘passes’ Earth due to its shorter orbit around the Sun, this “turbulence” energetically is created between the two planets for a brief (3 week) period. Mercury passes Earth as it zooms around on it’s shorter orbit, creates invisible ‘waves’ of energy and this ‘energy’ is translated into ‘retrograde motion’.

Even though we can’t see the energy and turbulence as a faster moving planet in orbit affects a slower moving planet in its orbit, the ‘turbulence’ is still the same. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Astrologers, from 5,000 years ago, noted that when a planet passed us–or we passed another slower moving planet (from Mars outward–all orbits are longer around the Sun than the Earth’s orbit), they noted that certain events seem to occur. Not to everyone, but certainly a great portion of humankind is effected.

As the turbulence subsides from the retrograde period and the ‘water’ becomes smooth again, Mercury is then said to be ‘direct’. It takes Mercury three weeks to approach Earth in a parallel orbit (side by side like a team of horses) and as it nudges past Earth with it’s planet body, and finally moves ahead. When direct, all the Mercury Retrograde ‘symptoms’ cease and many breathe a sigh of relief.

Making a “Penn & Teller” Ass Of Myself

Are you confident enough to sign up to be on a Penn & Teller edition of BullShit? Showtime’s series features this comedic couple poking very sharp sticks at things “they don’t believe in” like Astrology. Weeeeeeeeeee!

I do enjoy the show, from time to time, if I want to be convinced to adopt their position on a given subject. And that’s just the problem for me, people convincing me something else is wrong. Especially (albeit not too cleverly) while leaving what’s right about the subject completely out. Hmm. Biased?

I did do a full-on ranty-processing-thingy immediately after the taping which is in the archives at BTR. I can’t even remember what I said really, only that it was probably very revealing in terms of where Mynde is with her own stuff. And today, being six months later or so, I’m in a completely different yet ironically same “place in my process.” (‘Process-talk’ on a coaches blog… bahahaha!)

My Commentary

Overall, I found the episode slanted toward debunking astrology for it’s prognostication or telling-the-future abilities versus looking at astrology as a personality profiling tool. This is the typical approach by most debunkers, to say the least. And this is exactly how and why astrology gets lumped into the rest of the mystical-hippy-gypsy-fortune-telling-charlatans-exist-beware! line of thinking that I call a bad case of the Eeyores!

Charlatans exist everywhere, in every profession. If you are paying someone to tell you what you want, most will not object and take you and your cash obligingly.

Here’s my personal rule of engagement: When I speak to people about their astro stuff, I like to clarify a very important part. The part about looking for answers where they are not… like outside of You; in some astrologer, palm reader, the next great self-help book or the current U.S. president.

So although astrology does indeed offer insight around the timing for certain things to occur, it is not so predictable as to call it destiny since You still have the choice whether or not to watch P&T tell you why it’s stupid or come to your own conclusions based on a personal experience with astrology (aka, free will).

Overall, I think P&T’s warning about using astrology to make all your decisions is exaggerated. And certainly, if your health is involved… “People!… Expand your support system as wide as it will go! Doctors, nutritionists, acupuncturists, herbalists, astrologers, whatever and wherever you feel supported to live a fuller healthier life… do it!”

I study and use the stuff almost daily, but I make my decisions. I know you see the difference because only very smart people read my posts.

Yes, if it’s mercury retrograde, I will consider putting off an electronics purchase or signing on the dotted line but that’s because I’ve learned the hard way… by standing in line at the electronics store to return new purchase or recognizing that the dotted line wasn’t really finalized to begin with creating the need for reviews, updates and another whole new agreement!

The segment on the “experiment” in the Psychology class was great! I enjoyed very much what it revealed about our shared human nature. I think providing the experiment in that format helped to prove P&T’s intention of debunking astrology. Therefore, I am naturally curious to see what would happen if each student’s actual sun, moon & rising sign personality profiles had been given to them and how that would effect the outcome of the results of the first experiment. Would we see human nature doing its thing again? And might those results actually help to fortify astrology and show its efficacy? Curious minds want to know!

Here’s another observation about P&T’s show: When you have no debunking evidence, make it up! P&T aren’t after credibility, obviously. It’s easy to see this vantage point, of understanding that their show isn’t about revealing the truth about anything, it’s purely for entertainment purposes, when they attempted to inject the possibility that Sheldon knew Holly based on info I fed him in private.

Any skeptic of astrology needs far less than that to criticize or find fault in it. But I’ll mention that I don’t need to tell Sheldon anything about anyone because he does most of the telling/talking/bitching&complaining (if you’ve heard us on BTR, ‘nuff said).

So where am I today? Ah well, congratulating myself for being willing and able to make myself available to Penn & Teller’s latest “look at this ass” episode on Bullshit. I knew going into it that this was the point of the show.

So why do it?

I guess because I know astrology is real! I think I did it because I also wanted to see if I believe within myself, that I do not need others to agree with me to make it right for me or true or whatever. Just because Penn & Teller call it bullshit, is it?

The actual practice of doing this is definitely “easier said than done”, but ironically it comes with a nice refreshing after-prize. I am able see and acknowledge a freedom from that old need, to have you agree, or to not risk being made an ass on Showtime. A freedom to know and celebrate what I love which is astrology and helping people feel more empowered in their own lives. A freedom to be even more me: wacky, optimystical Mynde.

I did it to show myself how free I am. And I think knowing what I love and how free I am is much more supportive, expandable perspective than falling into the habit of looking at what’s wrong with what-is. But hey, Showtime isn’t paying me big bucks… yet!

  • What do you love enough to be willing to stand for it even if someone else builds evidence against it or makes you feel like an ass for loving it?
  • And what freedom could you discover that being an ass might just well help you achieve?
  • What would be different about your life if your inner clown was more accessible or available?

I’m off to more ass-making. 🙂

To Be A Warrior

Yesterday, I had a conversation with one of my favorite real-life warriors, Charlie Gilkey. Besides fighting for our American freedoms abroad, he’s a coach. And a friend.

I can always count on Charlie to help me with my own stucknesses, even when I’m not sure I AM stuck. Yesterday was different because I knew I was stuck and just sitting in it. I guess in a way, I was choosing to be with my stuckness and when he began poking at it softly, I wasn’t budging.

It was weird for me because my usual MO has the typical “go-for-it” Aries rising attitude that I show most of the world. Instead, my Taurus sun said in so many words, “Don’t push me. Don’t make me.”

Charlie responded with an “I’m not going anywhere” and my bull softened just a titch. Relief. In any amount, is shift.

Since it was clear to both of us that there really is no pushing or proding a bull (think about it!), I started asking him questions. I guess on some level we both trust each other, or the process, something enough to know that in the world of duality, it’s all good.

What I mean by that is everything is a mirror, or a reflection. Even if I turned the conversation to what was happening in Charlie’s world, it would be ok. I would still have a few aha’s along the way. I always do. It’s one of the reasons I coach and consider the coaching relationship a holy one.

I wanted to know where Charlie’s edges were with his current projects. I wanted to know how is wife was doing since she had earned her Ph.D. I listened and asked questions… a space I love to be in. More relief.

And then, all at once, my bull was ready to make a splash. I brought forward that I was writing an ebook but was being haunted with questions like, “Not another ebook! Who wants another ebook?!” I mean, I have several of them. Unread. Nicely organized in my “Continuing Education” folder.

And he asked me to step into the possibility of letting mine go, so I did. And then we could play. What do I really want? What do I really need, for myself?

Crystalizing another awareness, I stumbled onto connection. And in duality, I knew it meant I wanted me. I wanted a way to express more of me. I wanted a way to practice suspending all the judgments that swoop into any moment and paralyze me with stuckness.

It’s a room that’s marked with Doubt on the doorway entrance. Have you been there?

I’ve been finding myself sitting in that room for far too many hours. And it made me sad because what I really want is to lead my life with my heart wide open. I released some of the weight of doubt as tears ran down my face. Holding my breathe. And I remembered forgiveness. Exhale.

Stand guard Doubt. A new warrior is on duty. She doesn’t really want to fight, or be “at war” with you. She holds the Light on the pathway to myself. She dons a shield of acceptance that renders all things neutral, cutting through the foggy vagueness of fear.

Am I willing to accept what wants to be expressed? Am I willing to practice suspending my judgment of that which wants expression? Am I willing to accept that this is the process?

I am. Becoming, a new kind of warrior.

Of Interest

As I prepared this post for publishing, I knew I wanted an image of a warrior, specifically, Pallas Athene, the mythological warrior goddess. In astrology, many points in the chart are interpreted including planets, stars (our Sun), luminaries (the moon) and asteroids.

There are four asteroids in astrology that are primarily focused on: Ceres, Vesta, Juno and Pallas Athene.

Pallas represents how you choose your battles and how you go after what you want.

The Greek goddess Pallas Athena (Minerva to the Romans), the protector of Athens, fought with Zeus’ shield, the head of Medusa, and a thunderbolt. She utilized her cunning and strategy to win her battles.

Pallas compels you to stand up for your rights and your Pallas sign can help you find the strength to turn setbacks into something you can use.

My Pallas is deposited in the sign of Capricorn which aids me in the powerful manifestation of visionary / creative ideas. Charlie’s Sun is deposited in Capricorn, about two degrees away from my Pallas Athene which means that he helps to awaken and shed “light on or into” my warrior goddess.

Coincidence? There are none.

Astrology is a powerful tool for understanding yourself and how/why you relate with people. If you’re interested in understanding yourself or who you are relating with more, I can help.

Social Media Takes A Dive

So many of us woke up this morning to a big surprise… a denial of service attack on Twitter, not to mention various other forms of social media experiencing technical difficulties such as Facebook.

For those of you who aren’t social media mavens, you are likely not to even be reading this. If you are, then you know the heart palpitations you experienced when you realized Twitter was down, and down for some time!

So aside from my own personal processing about what it felt like “not to be connected” to a universe that supports me so much, after Facebook & Twitter finally came back online, I found it curious to see what others were saying about it.

And one more time, one of my most favorite past times and teacher of the mysteries of life provided a point-on explanation of what was happening: Astrology.

Ecliptical Indigestion

So many of you muggles (heheheh) may or may not have been listening when our media reported that, this summer has been quite unusual because we’ve had several eclipses (three to be precise).

On July 7, 2009, we had a Lunar Eclipse. Then on July 22, 2009, a bigger and more prestigious Solar eclipse occurred seen mostly in Eastern part of our planet. And finally, last night, August 5th was yet another Lunar Eclipse.

From an astrological perspective, eclipses herald change. And with so many crammed into a small space of time, it’s time to pull the security bar down and buckle into the roller coaster of life.

Lunar eclipses generally affect women more because the moon is a feminine energy, ruling home & family, the breasts and tummy area. The moon in your natal chart represents how you feel. So you can see why the ancients stamped a Lunar eclipse as dangerous because when it comes to our feelings (and mostly because of the addiction most of our western culture has of trying to put them in tiny little boxes) sudden outbursts, that seem rather reactive, can occur. Lunar eclipses also are more personal where Solar eclipses activate things on a world or government landscape and being masculine energy, effect men more strongly.

So how is Social Media drawn into last night’s eclipse? Well, let’s look at the astrological signs this eclipse occurred in for some enlightenment.

Eclipses generally happen in cycles of three over an 18 month period. Last night’s eclipse was the final eclipse on the Leo/Aquarius axis.

If you know a Leo or have known a Leo, you know they’re motto is “It’s all about me, babe!” Not all Leo’s are like this, but generally speaking, Leo’s rule, period (at least they think so). In a few words, Leo rules personal self-expression. Several other areas fall under its domain too: creativity, children, leisure activities, speculation (like gambling), the stage (actors). Leo rules the house of true love and Leos partake in all the pleasures of life and more so if there is a promise of glorification in it for them!

At the opposite end of the stick or axis is Aquarius, the brotherly-lover. Where Leo is concerned with pomp and pleasure as it relates to themselves (personal self-expression), Aquarius is the sign of the humanitarian and rules all things social. Friends, charity, the future, ideals. Aquarius also rules technology & astrology. It is avante garde in nature and cannot stand conformity of any kind so the unusual lives here also.

post_lunareclipseWith the type of eclipse we had last night, the earth came between the Sun and Moon. Symbolically, this represents an interruption in the energy flowing between the two celestial bodies. On an individual basis, we’ve all been affected by these eclipses and have downloaded new information, so the “time-out” this morning is right in line with every thing receiving a reboot! System down, system back up… but with new installed information.

Here’s what my new information looks and sounds like… continuing to “find my voice” and express it, no matter what others say or think (Leo). Friendships have been radically shifting since Fall of last year (Aquarius). Some old friends (Aquarius) went bye-bye, if only temporarily, so the relationships could be transformed and redefined on my own terms (Leo). Did I mention eclipses often introduce endings/beginnings?

On a more global level… No social media (Aquarius) this morning and a lot of unhappy peeps not able to have their leisure play (Leo)! Since the planet Uranus was also involved in the Lunar eclipse configuration, surprises and interruptions in the status quo. Uranus is often referred to as the great awakener (and is the ruler of Aquarius). So you can interpret change as awakening. And also during full moons, information is brought forward or exposed for what it is.

So as Twitter reveals more details about it’s denial of service attack and we also discover what/why/how it might be related to Facebook and even other social media gateways, it might not be so surprising with the enlightenment Astrology provides.

Also, each individual astrologer understands and deciphers the energies a bit differently. Some with more experience will hone in on the specifics while I hang back, with a huge smile on my face, because I definitely have connected to dots.

Astrology helps me do this all the time. I’m either understanding myself better or how/why I relate to others better. If you’re ready to put your toe in, hit me up! I just love opening the Pandora’s box that is astrology to those who are attracted by it’s mysteries.

As for what’s ahead, well since the new cycle of eclipses is activating Cancer/Capricorn… family/home life vs. public status/career is highlighted for the next 18 months. And the next eclipse happens December 31, 2009 in Cancer which may bring into fullness changes activated last month. Also, as Venus and Mars continue their trek around the solar system, they’ll hit some of these sensitized, activated degrees the eclipses have awakened. Those dates to watch are August 25th and October 15th.

Curious About You & Astrology?

If you’re curious about what astrology has to say about you and your relationships… Hi! I’m Mynde, (a) keeper of the flame.

And for a more in depth dive into eclipses, check out’s great article.

I’d love to hear from you in any fashion if this topic has piqued your curiosity. And, if you’ve noticed Leo (self-expression) or Aquarian (friends, social circles) themes coursing through your life, today or within the last 18 months, chime in with a comment below.

New Moon Wishing

New Moon. Beginnings. Fresh starts. What a perfect day to write and begin again! After my gut-wrenching last post, I’ve just been taking time with myself and giving myself lots of room. That means whatever I feel, I feel. And trying not to judge any part of it; my feelings, the situation or reactions from others.

Many of us were raised in environments that may have taught us that feeling intensely or feelings we judge as “bad” were not OK. Your intense feelings made others feel uncomfortable. They did not know how to help or support you (or themselves) so instead of allowing you the space to feel your feelings, they may have asked you to shut them down. To put them away, somewhere. And now, we’ve noticed that within ourselves we continually judge some of our feelings as not good, and believe we need to monitor or control them. But I’m only monitoring and controlling myself, not the feeling. I’m reinforcing a now internal message of ‘it’s not OK to have and experience my feelings’ and end up rejecting part of myself in the process.

My feelings ARE me on a lot of levels. If I reject the way I feel, I reject myself. So in getting out of that business, the one where I reject myself and/or blame others for what’s happening in my life, instead I’m making room for how I feel. Making room is the first step in a peace-making process. By choosing to make room for my feelings, I’m making peace with what is, right here and now.

Once we give our feelings space to be acknowledged (especially after living as professional emotional stuffers), we can often feel a tremendous shift in our energy (letting go) and the space for renewal and healing is now open.

New Moon Wishing

Today is a new moon day. At precisely 10:14 p.m Pacific, the moon will arrive to the same degree the Sun occupies making it a new moon day. It’s a day to make a wish for the next 30-day cycle.

As the moon makes her way through each zodiac sign, she will assist us with processing how we feel and work with our feelings while the sign can help us put our focus on specific areas of life and create powerful 30 day intentions.

Lady Luna

But first I want to introduce you to the Moon, through the lens of astrology. Archetypes she represents. Some you may find yourself already familiar with.

First, the moon comes out at night, so she points to things that are private or kept secret, our dreams. She is in charge of our inner emotional lives. How we feel. And even though the moon travels quickly within her domain is beginnings. The past, as in reaching way back through times, to soul beginnings, roots and our family are all found in the container of the Moon.

She’ll spend about two and half days in each sign, rendezvousing with other planets along the way. Sometimes the “meetups” are tense and carry us through uncertain terrain and other times there is a harmonizing quality, cooperation, complimentary exchange and benefit. I like to picture a couple dancing… sometimes it flows and is beautiful, sometimes it’s rough and full of challenges.

One rendezvous the moon can bet on is when she’ll conjunct or come in union with the same sign the Sun is currently transiting, also know as the New Moon.

During a new moon it is a good time to plant new wishes you’d like to see realized by the next new moon, 30 days from now.

Getting Specific

If you are the type that enjoys bringing your awareness to the natural cycles and rhythms of life, say through nature or art, astrology is simply a practice of understanding a quality or essence (contained in each sign) as it unfolds in our time/space reality. A sort of “nature” and also a domain over life that each sign (and it’s ruling Planet) influences significantly. It is here we see recurring patterns of influence, in timing with the rising and setting of the Sun each day as well as all the other planets on their universal journey across the zodiac.

According to one of my all-time, have-on-hand astrology favorites, Jan Spiller talks about the most powerful time to make wishes to harness the power of the planetary cycles in her book New Moon Astrology. Not only can we time when to make our wishes (each new moon) but what to wish for is indicated by the sign the new moon occurs in.

Currently, we are under the influence of Scorpio.

We are purging. And it’s felt very deeply. Because of Scorpio’s probing nature to get to the bottom of things. It is a time of unearthing inner psychological realms and bringing that “Scorpio stuff” forward for purging, the cycle of letting go. It is the cycle of making room. Often something outdated dies so that something new can be reborn. Transformation. It’s very powerful energy.

Taking a closer look at areas of specific focus during this time…

Transformation & Relationships

Partnerships energy continues to be highlighted and will be for the next 2 ½ years with Saturn’s recent shift into Libra. I think many of us are looking to harness beneficial energy and support to assist us where recent changes in our relationships have begun to take place. Or where endings or beginnings may be occurring (death/rebirth). That cycle is naturally supported now.

  • I want right ideas to occur to me relative to mutual empowerment and experience it with others in a way that is healthy & happy for me and my relationships.
  • I want to easily find myself embracing change in the area of relationships.
  • I want a positive transformation to occur in the area of ________.
  • I want to easily find myself forgiving _________ in a way that is empowering for me.
  • I want to easily find myself gaining power by ceasing to blame others for my circumstance.
  • I want positive change to enter my relationship with ___________.
  • I want to easily find myself restoring my relationship with _________ to one of mutual support, understanding, and respect.
  • I want to find myself easily accepting my own emotional depth.
  • I want to easily find myself saying the right words to _______ that create an atmosphere result in a deep emotional connection.

Health Wishing

When we are processing stress and imbalance in our lives, especially a lot of it, our bodies are the first place that really begin to show wear and tear. Plus, supporting your body to live well supports you! That’s why I’m including a basic wish for health and well-being.

If you are a Scorpio than perhaps you’ll find that you’ve been secretly plagued all your life by the areas below. And even if you are not a Scorpio, you may find that right now these areas are currently activated.

Scorpio rules the sexual organs, including other organs of elimination such as bladder, colon, rectum; PMS and menstruation and sexually transmitted disease also fall in Scorpio’s domain.

  • I want a total healing to occur in the area of (insert body region from above).

Scorpio covers resources also. A type of resource where assets are pooled together; legacies, wills, insurances, debt and taxes, financial partnerships, all Scorpio stuff!

  • In my financial negotiations with ______, I want to easily find myself feeling full self-confidence in a positive way.

This sign is also highly sexual and because of its natural ability to go deep, a concept of Soul Mates lives here also.

  • I want to easily find myself getting along with ______, growing our love and bonding every day in a way that is also positive for us as individuals.

Power Struggles

Scorpio also deals with the misuse of power and power struggles. If you currently find yourself in a situation that feels like there are forces beyond your control, sort of fated or destiny-like, you might like to include a wish this month about power and control . Because Scorpio is a fixed sign, its focus is intense and powerful. And if left unchecked, can sometimes lead to brooding and obsessiveness. Scorpio is extremely magnetic and filled with a charisma of mystery making them irresistible to some or frightening for others.

  • I want to easily find myself using my power constructively in all situations.
  • I want the tendency to be absorbed in the force fields of others easily lifted from me.

And if you’ve already found yourself having crossed the line into darker Scorpio regions of feeling obsessed or jealous.

  • I want my (obsession/compulsion) completely lifted from me.
  • I want to easily find myself filled with strength and making changes in my life that are in my overall best interests.

Make A Scorpio New Moon Wish

At this time, you are invited to think about and set an intention for healing in any of the above-areas. It is the goal for this new moon energy cycle.

And if you’re curious about what astrology has to say about you personally or a relationship, I offer some fantastic reports to help you gain and leverage insight provided from the ancient art-science of Astrology.

To supporting yourself with the process of letting go and the promise of new beginnings!

2010′s First New Moon

If you’ve been feeling like 2010 hasn’t really gotten started yet, you are not alone. Green lights and gates fly open in a big way today (11:11pm Pacific). Lots of planetary action in an already active environment. I’m pretty sure everyone’s been feeling it.

It’s Saturn’s time. Winter. Capricorn. And it is Twenty Ten’s first new moon. And not just any new moon. A new moon solar eclipse.

Why We Plan, Strategize and Set Goals in December/January

One word, Saturn. He gets a bad rap (not as bad as Scorpio does). Saturn is known for implementing structure, rules and responsibilities. Burdens and blockages and pushing boulders uphill (that does sound like it’s full of suck doesn’t it?)

Yet, Saturn comes with enormous rewards. Saturn sort of upholds the whole concept of work hard equals win; teaching us discipline, self-control and an ability to direct our attention with great focus (ambition).

Saturn is known as the father. There is a feeling of being controlled by responsibilities and obligations. This energy puts in place forms and structure. Time and the passing of time reside within Saturn’s domain. Over long periods of time, crystallization, stagnation. Holding back. Saturn leans heavily into protocol and tradition.

Saturn rules the sign Capricorn. Saturn-ruled or Capricorn people have a bad habit of taking things too seriously and they’re learning to lighten up as they grow older. Saturn/Capricorn people have a knack for helping us put structures in place so we can be more productive. And so setting goals and thinking about them at this time of the year is very natural.

More On Cycles And Planning

New moons are a time for beginning or seeding a project or plan. Sort of joining with the cycles of nature. The rhythm of life expanding. Astrology is a science for understanding those rhythms and cycles better and how we fit ourselves into the bigger picture.

Under a new moon, we want to plant our seeds for harvest. Usually in 30 day cycles. That’s how a typical new moon works. The sign the new moon occurs in points us where to put our attention. Capricorn says focus on goal setting (duh) and implementing structures to support your ambition. So in January, most of us have our gaze upon a broader horizon.

  • Where do we want to be in one year?
  • What do we wish to accomplish?
  • And what structures are in place to help us get there?

All Saturn/Capricorn themes.

The “Time’s Up” Cycle

Eclipses are another cycle and have their own powerful mojo. Eclipses turn things on and off. Suddenly. It can be insight and awareness-oriented or even possibly take things/people in and out of our lives.

Similar to how the moon and sun move through each zodiac sign pointing us in the direction of where to focus our intention, we experience eclipses in a cycle too. Currently, the focus is on the primal tug-of-war between our individual worldly status/contribution (Capricorn) vs. our inner, home & family life (Cancer).

This axis point is highlighted and active for nearly everyone, regardless of sign. However, if you are a Capricorn or Cancer, you will definitely be feeling more of an impact and overall messing with your personal mojo.

Other Universal Players Worth Mentioning

Venus is in this new moon solar eclipse arrangement. Which (I think) is good news. Venus is just pleasant and lovely so she can join our party pretty much anytime; making it sweeter and more beautiful. In astrology, Venus represents what we love and value. Relationships and money are highlighted. In the mix here, is your personal inventory.

  • What do you value?
  • What do you love?
  • How does it align and mix in your life?

There is mutual admiration party happening between Venus and Saturn. Venus is currently in the sign of Capricorn (ruled by Saturn). Saturn is currently in the sign of Libra (ruled by Venus). Did ya see that? Mutual reception is what it’s called and it means we’ll be able to translate value (Venus) into meaning, purpose and planning (Saturn) more easily.

Mercury is still retrograde, barely. He’ll be turning direct within a few hours of the eclipse. Communication for the last three weeks has been a bit bumpy, to say the least. Again, underlining patience. Thinking things through. Not starting anything. Cleaning up loose ends.

When Mercury comes out of his three-week retrograde slumber, Pluto will be standing there. We are quickly escorted into the depths of our psyches, connecting deeply into our thinking/writing/speaking faculties.

Saturn begins his four-plus month slumber and turns retrograde just two days before the eclipse. It’s time for more patience folks. In extra large heaping spoonfuls. Our relationship area is getting an extreme makeover thanks to an on-going dance with Pluto. Saturn changed signs and entered Libra last fall, shaking things up. We’ll have two and half years to work on our relationship stuff. So buckle up… relationships on the other side of this dance will look totally different than the way they do today.

Finally, another big hitter is changing signs. This time Jupiter moves to Pisces the day after the eclipse. This is a big deal because it’s been twelve years since Jupiter has made a visit into Pisces. He’ll spend about year here (as he does with each sign).  And in a cool mutual admiration society way, Jupiter and Pisces share some similar qualities that actually accentuate one another; enhancing, supporting, celebrating.

Jupiter has been focused on Aquarius stuff for the last 13 months or so. Which is to say expanding social circles, highlighting humanitarian stuff, and enlarging us with “I am my brother’s keeper” energy.

Jupiter’s move into Pisces changes our focal point. Since Pisces is about assimilation into the One, Jupiter will lend his expansion miracle mojo here to help us all understand the true nature of who we are and that will affect how we approach life. The more we are willing to step into faith, the more we will be blessed.

Jupiter will enter a retrograde slumber after reaching Aries in early June. All Pisces sun and rising signs have extra “guardian angel” blessings. All signs are invited to dream as big as you possibility can (and you most likely won’t be able to keep yourself from doing that either).

2010′s first new moon feels more like an official start to a new year and new decade than January 1st did. This month’s new moon sets a vibrational tone for the rest of our year. And it’s extra powerful due to the eclipse. As we awaken over the next few mornings, you can join me in a new moon wish where we ask to receive Divine Guidance that clarifies our sense of purpose and direction (Saturn) so that we may continue to add meaning and Love (Venus) to our own lives and to the lives of others through 2010 and beyond.

Happy New Moon Day.

2010 Mercury Retrograde Calendar

Begins Ends Shadow Ends
April 17
12:37 Taurus
9:06 pm PT (4/17)
May 11
2:40 Taurus
3:37 pm PT
August 20
19:03 Virgo
12:59 pm PT
September 12
5:23 Virgo
4:09 pm PT
December 10
5:56 Capricorn
4:04 am PT
December 29-30
09:37 Sagittarius
11:21 pm PT

Mercury Retrograde Happenings

Attention Frequent Flyers!

Flickr photo by alamosbasementMercury has officially entered it’s regularly scheduled “out of phase” cycle of moondancing backwards in the sky (or at least it looks like that) otherwise known as Mercury Retrograde.

It’s time for re-doing everything and basically no initiating what-so-ever (consider yourself warned) nor barely a hint of forward movement on the irons in your campfire.

I dread Mercury retrograde the most for all its technical snafus and basic overall “STOPNESS” he hurls at my life during this three week period (April 18 thru May 11).

Communications of every kind are subject to general snarlification. Details details details. Watch them. Pay closer than usual attention to them. And watch your backend as unfinished ones will sneak up and bite!

Overall, it’s time to sloooooow waaaaay down. It’s time to for all things “RE.” Reviewing plans, goals & strategies, revamping something outdated, repairing the drippy kitchen faucet, renegotiate boundaries/agreements/contracts (woo hoo!), reorganize the garage, and recognizing the pace has noticeably slowed and requires more patience.

My Mercury retrograde period kicked off in perfect form… with an email from a client who wasn’t able to receive emails from her website because I forgot to map the email account to her gmail (yes, I really am the technical genius here).

Also, when I mapped her email account to her gmail, the domain emails seemed to “disappear” into thin air. Couple of test emails went through beautifully, however the original emails required a restore backup procedure from the helpful folks at GoDaddy (yes, that’s an affiliate link). Their customer service & support is the excellent-ist and main reason I use and recommend them for my domain name management and web hosting.

Thankfully, my client was not mortified and sending me cursing emails. She was happy just to know I was there, in the background, figuring it out for her (these clients I keep forever, just sayin’).

So remember to go a lil easier on yourself for the next three weeks. Give yourself (and others) the benefit of the doubt in all misunderstandings… because there will be LOTS of them.

Relax and focus on closing gaps rather than creating/launching new ventures. Or return to an old plan you’ve wanted to act on but haven’t gotten back to. Now is a great time to tie up loose ends and clear the decks for what’s ahead.

If you’re curious about how this might be affecting you personally, if you bring the birthday info, I’ll bring the optimystical insight.

Contact me or Get Astrologized.

Sincerely waiting to see stars for you 😉