@CoachLeeMiller from TheFlourishingWoman.com, a client and member of The Video Library, asks…

“Mynde, how do I get my new Aweber list to auto-publish my blog posts?”

First off, Lee gets an A. She got her Aweber on all by herself and created the list and also installed the web form herself to her WordPress blog. Lee, you rock honey! All 63 years of glorious brilliance that is you… here’s to the tech-savviness you do have inside you! xomm.

And the video tutorial… is yours for a week. Before I migrate it over to  The Video Library. Get it while it’s hot. Next week, it’ll cost ya!

In this under 5 minute video-tutorial, I show Lee where in Aweber to go and “turn on” her blog broadcasts for her new list along with an important tip about getting your full blog post to display.

Wuzzup with the big black box?
It’s been moved to The Video Library.

(go ahead, throw popcorn at your computer screen)