Astrology That Doesn’t Suck

January 2, 2008

Astrology. Yup, that’s what it says. I like it very much. I do believe in it, it’s true!

I have been using astrology in my life since the early 90’s. I remember my step-grandmother’s book shelf filled with wonderful topics, astrology among them.

Astrology was usually poo-pooed. Raised generally Christian, Astrology was a no-no. This made it even more mysterious to me.

I guess in a way, Astrology found me. At the time, I was looking for anything and everything to be happy in an unhappy marriage. I was looking to fix me and maybe (hopefully) understand him. Understand myself. Understand period.

Guess what? I didn’t let me down. Astrology helped me grow and accept myself. And then, sometime later came the thought, “This might be insightful for others.” And here we are.

Is Astrology For You?

I think Astrology is a very interesting subject and worth investigating for yourself.

If you’re like I was (curious and interested in Astrology), you can check out my astrology gig.

I offer Astrology-by-Email, a downloadable email report about You and Your Relationships. There’s also a Birthday Report (a cool-kinda gift for the right person) that tells you what’s coming up for you in the next year.

If you’d really like to have your mind blown, you can also schedule a consultation.

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