December 2012

Goodbye 2012

December 31, 2012

Where hurdles and sprinting turned into waltzing in the rain with a bald head.

Goodbye 2012. Goodbye to worrying about the things I used to worry about before May 4th. It all pales in perspective to the worry that would try to consume me, especially in those first three or four days of learning about the very real cancer in my left breast. And later on, my right breast also.

It’s hard to believe it will be eight months on January 4th and I’m not done yet. I’m close, not in-the-home-stretch close, but close enough to say it.


“You did an amazing job on the layout (gorgeous, easy-to-read), the content (substantial, with so many resources & ideas!) and the organization of the ideas (logical & instantly usable).~ Ginny, (Web Presence Essentials, the ebook)