If you’ve been feeling like 2010 hasn’t really gotten started yet, you are not alone. Green lights and gates fly open in a big way today (11:11pm Pacific). Lots of planetary action in an already active environment. I’m pretty sure everyone’s been feeling it.

It’s Saturn’s time. Winter. Capricorn. And it is Twenty Ten’s first new moon. And not just any new moon. A new moon solar eclipse.

Why We Plan, Strategize and Set Goals in December/January

One word, Saturn. He gets a bad rap (not as bad as Scorpio does). Saturn is known for implementing structure, rules and responsibilities. Burdens and blockages and pushing boulders uphill (that does sound like it’s full of suck doesn’t it?)

Yet, Saturn comes with enormous rewards. Saturn sort of upholds the whole concept of work hard equals win; teaching us discipline, self-control and an ability to direct our attention with great focus (ambition).

Saturn is known as the father. There is a feeling of being controlled by responsibilities and obligations. This energy puts in place forms and structure. Time and the passing of time reside within Saturn’s domain. Over long periods of time, crystallization, stagnation. Holding back. Saturn leans heavily into protocol and tradition.

Saturn rules the sign Capricorn. Saturn-ruled or Capricorn people have a bad habit of taking things too seriously and they’re learning to lighten up as they grow older. Saturn/Capricorn people have a knack for helping us put structures in place so we can be more productive. And so setting goals and thinking about them at this time of the year is very natural.

More On Cycles And Planning

New moons are a time for beginning or seeding a project or plan. Sort of joining with the cycles of nature. The rhythm of life expanding. Astrology is a science for understanding those rhythms and cycles better and how we fit ourselves into the bigger picture.

Under a new moon, we want to plant our seeds for harvest. Usually in 30 day cycles. That’s how a typical new moon works. The sign the new moon occurs in points us where to put our attention. Capricorn says focus on goal setting (duh) and implementing structures to support your ambition. So in January, most of us have our gaze upon a broader horizon.

  • Where do we want to be in one year?
  • What do we wish to accomplish?
  • And what structures are in place to help us get there?

All Saturn/Capricorn themes.

The “Time’s Up” Cycle

Eclipses are another cycle and have their own powerful mojo. Eclipses turn things on and off. Suddenly. It can be insight and awareness-oriented or even possibly take things/people in and out of our lives.

Similar to how the moon and sun move through each zodiac sign pointing us in the direction of where to focus our intention, we experience eclipses in a cycle too. Currently, the focus is on the primal tug-of-war between our individual worldly status/contribution (Capricorn) vs. our inner, home & family life (Cancer).

This axis point is highlighted and active for nearly everyone, regardless of sign. However, if you are a Capricorn or Cancer, you will definitely be feeling more of an impact and overall messing with your personal mojo.

Other Universal Players Worth Mentioning

Venus is in this new moon solar eclipse arrangement. Which (I think) is good news. Venus is just pleasant and lovely so she can join our party pretty much anytime; making it sweeter and more beautiful. In astrology, Venus represents what we love and value. Relationships and money are highlighted. In the mix here, is your personal inventory.

  • What do you value?
  • What do you love?
  • How does it align and mix in your life?

There is mutual admiration party happening between Venus and Saturn. Venus is currently in the sign of Capricorn (ruled by Saturn). Saturn is currently in the sign of Libra (ruled by Venus). Did ya see that? Mutual reception is what it’s called and it means we’ll be able to translate value (Venus) into meaning, purpose and planning (Saturn) more easily.

Mercury is still retrograde, barely. He’ll be turning direct within a few hours of the eclipse. Communication for the last three weeks has been a bit bumpy, to say the least. Again, underlining patience. Thinking things through. Not starting anything. Cleaning up loose ends.

When Mercury comes out of his three-week retrograde slumber, Pluto will be standing there. We are quickly escorted into the depths of our psyches, connecting deeply into our thinking/writing/speaking faculties.

Saturn begins his four-plus month slumber and turns retrograde just two days before the eclipse. It’s time for more patience folks. In extra large heaping spoonfuls. Our relationship area is getting an extreme makeover thanks to an on-going dance with Pluto. Saturn changed signs and entered Libra last fall, shaking things up. We’ll have two and half years to work on our relationship stuff. So buckle up… relationships on the other side of this dance will look totally different than the way they do today.

Finally, another big hitter is changing signs. This time Jupiter moves to Pisces the day after the eclipse. This is a big deal because it’s been twelve years since Jupiter has made a visit into Pisces. He’ll spend about year here (as he does with each sign).  And in a cool mutual admiration society way, Jupiter and Pisces share some similar qualities that actually accentuate one another; enhancing, supporting, celebrating.

Jupiter has been focused on Aquarius stuff for the last 13 months or so. Which is to say expanding social circles, highlighting humanitarian stuff, and enlarging us with “I am my brother’s keeper” energy.

Jupiter’s move into Pisces changes our focal point. Since Pisces is about assimilation into the One, Jupiter will lend his expansion miracle mojo here to help us all understand the true nature of who we are and that will affect how we approach life. The more we are willing to step into faith, the more we will be blessed.

Jupiter will enter a retrograde slumber after reaching Aries in early June. All Pisces sun and rising signs have extra “guardian angel” blessings. All signs are invited to dream as big as you possibility can (and you most likely won’t be able to keep yourself from doing that either).

2010′s first new moon feels more like an official start to a new year and new decade than January 1st did. This month’s new moon sets a vibrational tone for the rest of our year. And it’s extra powerful due to the eclipse. As we awaken over the next few mornings, you can join me in a new moon wish where we ask to receive Divine Guidance that clarifies our sense of purpose and direction (Saturn) so that we may continue to add meaning and Love (Venus) to our own lives and to the lives of others through 2010 and beyond.

Happy New Moon Day.